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Recognition of world-class training

Our Assured service is a valuable business improvement tool, showing you how to take your training from good to great.

The service adds value to any type of training no matter the content, format or length. We can recognise both face-to-face and e-learning, assessed or non-assessed training and even training in local languages.

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Recognising excellence

Your training programmes will become more valuable externally when recognised by us. We work closely with employers to develop an Assured service that meets the ever-evolving demands of the global workplace. We provide the portable skills employers and individuals need.

Benchmarking your training

City & Guilds has been setting the standard for training for 140 years. We've written over one million assessments and recognise over one million learners a year. This expertise means we can audit and verify your training against our quality benchmark.

Leading on digital credentials

Credentials allow your employees to record and showcase their achievements online, including through social media. Create a lifelong picture of achievements and skills for your staff, all backed by evidence. Celebrate their success while promoting your organisation among their peers and professional networks.

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