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Staff retention

Retaining positive and motivated staff is vital to an organisation's success. High employee turnover increases expense and also has a negative effect on company morale.

Implementing an employee retention programme is an effective way of making sure employees remain with your organisation, while maintaining job performance and productivity.

We can help drive greater staff engagement and loyalty through apprenticeships and our training recognition service.

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Delivering apprenticeship programmes

Our apprenticeships are designed to deliver a progressive learning journey for the apprentice and robust assessment.

We work closely with employers to make sure our apprenticeship programme helps businesses build a more qualified and better-trained workforce with the right skills for the job. We want businesses to have the best apprenticeships available, to drive staff engagement and retention of talent.

Driving employee engagement

We can benchmark your training against our world-class standard to recognise its quality.

Our Assured service validates the quality of your in-house training, leading to a formal recognition. And you can take this further with digital credentials to create a shareable, lifelong picture of that training, backed up by evidence.

Our quality consultants have decades of experience in training and have worked in, and consulted for, blue chip organisations such as Barclays, KPMG and Tesco.

Organisations that have worked with us on accredited programmes have seen a number of benefits including greater staff engagement, a reduction in absence and an increase in staff retention.

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