Learning to be employable

Employers are often quoted as saying that the employability skills they so sorely need are often lacking in young people when they hit the jobs market – but what are these elusive skills? Can you even teach them? And if so – how?

Learning to be Employable’ is the latest research by Professor Bill Lucas and Dr Janet Hanson, commissioned by the City & Guilds Alliance. The research aims to answer these questions - identifying the skills that employers really want, giving a framework to teach them in an FE setting and highlighting the essential role of employers, Government and the FE sector in embedding them in young people as they study towards their chosen profession.

City & Guilds are also proud to support you through our new free resource, which helps you showcase how you utilise the report in your Teaching Learning and Assessment. All this is possible through our Employability Practitioner CPD academy. The Academy is supported through digital credentials and aligned to the report, which will take you on a CPD journey and issue you 4 credentials totalling 19 hours of CPD.  The academy is ideal for those who are a practitioner in employability and which to gain professional recognition for cultivating the employability skills of the students they work with.

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