City & Guilds Accreditation

We understand that City & Guilds qualifications may not always meet your requirements but you need external validation to demonstrate the quality of your programme.

This is why we developed the Accreditation Service, to provide you with the validation you need. City & Guilds accreditation is an instantly recognisable mark of quality and credibility.

City & Guilds Accreditation recognises the process and delivery of a bespoke training programme which doesn’t result in a qualification, but has an end assessment. City & Guilds accreditation evaluates the programme against our benchmark and provides consultant support to ensure that the programme meets City & Guilds accreditation standards. Once approved the training programme is ‘accredited’ and can be marketed as such for the agreed period.

Our Accreditation Quality Benchmark

Our Accreditation quality benchmark model has been developed from over 130 years of experience in managing quality systems and training programmes.

 Accreditation Benchmark

The benefits of accreditation

Bespoke programmes, global recognition

You have the flexibility to develop bespoke, co-created programmes for an employer, industry or sector – and when the programme meets our benchmark, City & Guilds accreditation is your external validation from a respected global brand.

Demonstrate your commitment to quality

As City & Guilds Accreditation is only awarded to the highest quality programmes, it demonstrates your commitment to excellence, helping you stand out from your competitors.

Build on your existing quality model

When our Quality Consultant reviews your programme against our Accreditation benchmark, you’ll receive detailed feedback and advice on areas that might need improvement and how to build this into your existing quality systems.  

Inspire confidence in learners

Being able to promote your programme as having City & Guilds Accreditation will clearly demonstrate to learners that it is of the highest quality.

How City & Guilds Accreditation works

Achieving City & Guilds Accreditation follows a simple five step process: 
  1. Contact your City & Guilds Business Manager to discuss if accreditation is right for you, or email
  2. One of our specialist Accreditation Team will contact you to discuss your programme and take you through the application process
  3. If required, one of our Quality Consultants will work with you on meeting our Accreditation benchmark
  4. A Quality Assurer will visit your organisation to conduct a review of your programme 
  5. Once your programme is approved, you can begin marketing it as ‘Accredited’.  

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Case studies

Learn how City & Guilds helped Eastwood Park to standardise quality.

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Read how Newcastle College benefited from the City & Guilds Accreditation.

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City & Guilds Endorsement

City & Guilds Endorsement (PDF 247KB) indicates that third party products:

• Provide support for the delivery of City & Guilds qualifications
• Have been rigorously evaluated to ensure they meet our endorsement criteria.

If you would like to find out more about the City & Guilds Endorsement service, please contact us here.