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Increasing staff retention in the Nursing sector

Avery Healthcare operates residential, dementia and nursing care homes across 55 locations throughout the UK, with a focus on delivering the highest possible standards of living for their residents.

We spoke to them about the challenges they face with experienced staff in the nursing sector and how recognition of their training by City & Guilds has helped to retain senior carers.

The Challenge

There is a current shortage of 42,000 Registered Nurses in the United Kingdom, and their skills demand is rising due to increasing complexity of care and an aging population.

At the same time, many highly experienced senior care assistants have shown that they are able to extend their skills further and are seeking career pathways that allow them to achieve this.

The Solution

avery care imageTo address this shortage and the need to upskill their senior carers, Avery Healthcare has devised a five month in-house training programme called ‘The Advanced Senior Carers Programme’. This intensive course aims to deliver a blended learning approach, comprising of nine clinical modules and three management modules. A wide range of resources to support the learners were developed with a focus on practical hands-on training, work-based competencies and evidence-based practice in all modules.

Avery Healthcare approached City & Guilds to check the quality of the programme and advise on further areas of improvement to ensure the students were having a positive experience.

“The whole programme is encompassed with a strong quality assurance process which recognises student’s equality, diversity and learning styles,” said Shelly Parker-Wain, Head of Learning and Development and Director of the Advanced Senior Carers programme at Avery Healthcare.

You can read more about the process of benchmarking and accrediting your in-house training programmes with City & Guilds and ILM through our Assured service.

The Results

Now in its third year of accreditation, and with three more cohorts due to complete the training in 2019, Avery Healthcare has seen an increase in the number of advanced senior carers within the business. Furthermore, a higher calibre of senior carers are now attracted to join the business due to the robust training and its City & Guilds accreditation. This, in turn, has reduced recruitment costs and increased staff retention. With a clear supported career pathway to advance their learning, junior carers are also remaining at Avery Healthcare.

The programme has been awarded for Excellence in Training at the 2018 National Care Home Awards and Excellence in Training at the prestigious 2018 Laing Buisson awards.


Avery Healthcare’s Advanced Senior Carers Programme recipients

“The City & Guilds branding has endorsed the credibility of Avery Healthcare’s solution to bridging the skills gap in the national shortage of Nurses in the sector. It has raised staff morale and supported staff retention. The quality assurance and robust nature of the programme has reinforced to the staff, residents and their families that the training and care delivery is of a very high standard”

– Shelly Parker-Wain, Avery Healthcare.