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H&MV Engineering

H&MV Engineering is a leading specialist in high voltage transmission and distribution systems and a trusted name in the electric power transmission industry. H&MV Engineering are currently present in Europe, Asia and South Africa, with plans to further expand their services worldwide.

H&MV Engineering began their journey to Accreditation in 2015 with the help, support and guidance of City & Guilds. The company opened a purpose-built training centre in January 2017 and now offer three City & Guilds accredited programmes. These courses are available to in-house employees and external trainees alike.

The challenge

H&MV Engineering recognised a gap in the high voltage electrical training market. The aim was to provide a training course to strengthen the competence of their employees working in high voltage environments as they were struggling to identify a local, suitable and accredited course. As HM&V Engineering operates within a very specialised industry, the availability of training courses is limited, and more often these courses don’t take place in Ireland, where H&MV’s head office is based.

The solution

The key to HM&V Engineering’s success is their people. Management had a desire to empower their employees by enabling them to develop and grow skills within the business. A consultative committee was formed, driven by individuals with expertise within the industry with varying individual skillsets. After extensive review by both H&MV’s panel of electrical engineers and experienced committee members, the company engaged with City & Guilds to begin their formal accreditation process. To H&MV, it was important to establish a recognised City & Guilds accredited programme to enable them to be represented as a quality organisation. An in-house Training Coordinator from the committee was appointed and the final approval process began, concluding in an onsite audit by City & Guilds.

The result

The High Voltage Switching and Operations Course has addressed the gap initially identified within the high voltage industry. With the support and guidance of City & Guilds, the internal process and procedures have been greatly improved across the board. H&MV Engineering operators are now confident in completing their work, and feel safe in doing so, having the knowledge and training that is recognised by City & Guilds. External course participants speak very highly of the course and often refer others to H&MV Engineering. With the City & Guilds branding, their courses have been selling out as people have an appreciation for the efforts and high standards needed to gain accreditation.

“City & Guilds really supported us throughout our accreditation journey and thereafter. Our Training Centre has seen an unprecedented level of business, booking out for the year after three months in 2018. We are also seeing the same effects for 2019. The formal accreditation from City & Guilds really draws people’s attention and represents quality in client’s minds.”

Niamh Murphy, Training & Development Manager