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We listen to customer feedback and are continuously looking at ways to improve our system. Find out more about our latest developments and updates below.

November 2015 update

LA Connect

Learning Assistant connected to the City & Guilds Walled Garden and Evolve! By simply enrolling your candidate into Learning Assistant, they will be registered on to the City & Guilds Walled Garden. This new functionality will then let your assessors or registrars book the evolve test directly from Learning Assistant, and the results will be fed from evolve back to Learning Assistant once the candidate has completed the test. Finally, once your candidate has completed their course your IQAs can process a Result Entry by clicking Award VQ in Learning Assistant.

The benefits:

  • Avoid double entry reducing time and errors 
  • Saves the assessor from duplicating efforts and manual uploading of Evolve results 
  • Standardising admin practices, less errors and time saving features

This feature is optional, so if you would like a demonstration on how it works please contact the Learning Assistant support team who can book on online demo with your Digital Solutions Manager.

Alternatively, you can download a PowerPoint presentation of the new features and workflow.

Screenshot of evidence type list app

Registrar Permissions Manager

Administrators will be pleased to know that we have released our biggest update for user accounts, Registrar permissions. The Settings section now contains a Permissions tab which allows/disallows access to the following:

  • Access Company Manager 
  • Access Award VQ Link 
  • Access Course Manager 
  • Access Reporting Suite 
  • Access Course Folder 
  • Access Team Manager 
  • Access Process Manager 
  • Access Extended Course Folder 
  • Access Settings Manager 
  • Access Candidate Manager

Available Permissions is your pool of permission types, containing the sections/functionality that you like to release to your Registrars.

Current Permissions are those that are currently assigned to the Registrar group. These are the permissions that appear when editing a Registrar in the Team Manager. You now have the ability to give one Registrar access to Course Management whilst another only has access to the Reporting Suite. Access is now down to you.

Screenshot of permissions manager app 

Homepage social features

The social media tabs on the right hand side of your login page can now be ordered via a request to support. Would you like to show off your Facebook updates first? Or even your Twitter interactions? Simply contact your support representative and we'll do the rest.

Administrators, if you would like your site to contain your social media accounts then please let us know.

Screenshot of social features app

Sampling Plan Tasks

A common request has now been fulfilled. Sampling Plan Tasks on the Verifier Tasks tab now displays the unit status, no more hunting down details.

Screenshot of sampling plan tasks app

Next/Previous Links

All units, elements and tasks now have a brand new Next/Previous header. It's now much faster to click through all the items in a given section.

Screenshot of next previous links app

System Updates

A number of fixes have gone out in this release too. To name a few:

  • Avatar caching incorrectly has been resolved 
  • Incorrect percentage changes when referring items 
  • Processes now filter in correct date order 
  • New Message subject line is now validated for content 
  • Fixed LA Anywhere "T&Cs" issue where users were unable to login under certain user conditions
  • User email addresses can now contain apostrophes

We hope you find these updates useful. Our development continues and the team are already looking ahead to the next release. If you have any comments or feature requests then please let our support team know.

Competence Matrix

Launching Friday 10 July 

No doubt you've all noticed subtle changes in the design of Learning Assistant over the past 6 months. All this has been leading up to improving each section of the system one step at a time. We've reworked the Message Centre, cleaned up the new appointment window, consolidated the candidate list and profile related links into a new drop menu, as well as re-coding the task windows on your homepages. There's been a lot more under the hood but I'm now pleased to formally announce our latest update, the Competence Matrix. A small group of customers have been beta testing this over the past few months so we've made sure it's had a thorough run.

It's been a long time coming and I think you'll be pleased with the update. We've redesigned our Competence Matrix to work across all modern browsers (IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Not only is it now properly cross-browser compatible but we've also taken steps to improve the experience just a little bit.

Screenshot of competence matrix app

Modern tip bubbles give you a description of each outcome, so no more guessing or checking other media.

Screenshot of competence claim app

The Evidence description bubble is much cleaner and is much easier to read. Clicking on this brings up a new Evidence Info pop-up that's not too busy to allow you to concentrate on the work in hand.

Screenshot of competence claim app

Screenshot of evidence info app


The new Competence Matrix will be available from Friday 10 July. We hope you enjoy this latest update and I look forward to your comments.

April 2015 update

Our latest update includes the following new features.

We have made some changes to improve the overall look and feel of City & Guilds Learning Assistant. Our latest update also includes the following new features. We hope you find them helpful.

Message Centre: Send messages to WBR (Work Based Recorder)
Now the users can send message to WBR using the message centre in the same way they could for Trainers and Candidates. The WBR users are listed under WBR tab and recipient wizard for selecting the users to include in message recipient list.

Screenshot of message centre app

Screenshot of message centre app

Message Centre: Add attachment while replying to the messages
Now users can add an attachment while replying to the incoming message in the message centre.

Screenshot of message centre app


Add evidence type list (multiple) to sampling plan setup.
IQAs can select the evidence types for the unit while creating the sampling plan. This feature will help to improve quality assurance and help the IQA to plan more effectively.

Screenshot of evidence type list app

Homepage widgets: Sort the entries in ascending and descending order
These features will help users to sort the entries in ascending and descending order based on the date field, while they are looking at their tasks or related information on the home page.

Screenshot of homepage widget app

Reporting dashboard details: View details about the submissions awaiting review
These features help administrators to view the details about the submissions awaiting review, by clicking on the pie chart the administrator can now export the data into various formats e.g. CSV, Excel or simply print it out.

Screenshot of dashboard details app

Screenshot of reporting suite app

Contact diary: Add multiple documents for the contact diary entry
Now users can upload multiple documents while creating or updating the contact diary entry. This will allow centre to add required paperwork/forms to a single contact diary.

Screenshot of contact diary app

Registrar permissions: Configure specific access for registrar user
Now the system administrator can set specific access to registrar users depending on their requirements. Currently this functionality is available on demand for the customers, contact customer support team if you would like to enable this functionality for your site.

Set permissions for all registrar role.

Screenshot of registrar permissions app

Screenshot of registrar permissions app

Set permissions for specific registrar user. The options displayed here are depending on the options selected for registrar role settings section as represented in previous screen captures.

Screenshot of specific registrar user app


16 January 2014

Learning Assistant now updated to support multiple course delivery

Learning Assistant has been updated to better support the delivery of multiple courses. Designed to streamline the delivery of apprenticeships and programmes of study, this functionality enables candidates to work on multiple courses at any given time. It also enables centres to assign different assessors and verifiers to candidate courses.

This new functionality will help training organisations improve the management of multiple courses, better manage learner progress through the course and reduce course delivery time.

Please note that separate licences will be consumed for each course enrolment.

To find out how your organisation can benefit from delivering multiple course training programmes via Learning Assistant contact the Learning Assistant team.

15 January 2014

Updates to Learning Assistant App for iPad

The new 2.0.4 version of the Learning Assistant iPad App is now available for download from the Apple App Store. Within the latest version assessors can take advantage of the grading checklist for City & Guilds VRQ courses in online and offline mode.

Please note it is recommended users upload their evidence and observations stored within the App to the Learning Assistant system before updating.

18 December 2013

Learning Assistant launches new App for Android handset and tablet

In addition to our existing iOS app for iPad and iPhone, the Learning Assistant App is now available for Android handsets and tablets. Designed to support assessors from anywhere, the App allows users to easily capture evidence and observations relating to learners’ qualifications.

Screenshot of Learning Assistant Android app. Screenshot of Learning Assistant Android app. Screenshot of Learning Assistant Android app. Screenshot of Learning Assistant Android app.

With the Learning Assistant App for Android users can:

  • Capture picture evidence anywhere at any time without the need for internet access
  • Record and store evidence on the device and upload when an internet connection is next available
  • Communicate quickly and easily with learners via the messaging system

The Learning Assistant App facilitates remote working, thus improving flexibility, efficiency and making portfolio management easier.

The Android App is available now and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Read more about the app and get download links here.

25 November 2013

Learning Assistant launches new MIS Integration capabilities

Learning Assistant now has an API which enables the e-portfolio to be integrated into some MIS systems, including PICS. MIS integration allows Private Training Providers and Further Education Colleges to push and pull data from their internal systems to their e-portfolio.

API and MIS integration.

Benefits include:

  • Capable of registering thousands of learners without manual entry of information
  • Integration significantly improves quality of delivery, reducing operational and administrative costs
  • Without the need for manual data processes, errors are reduced and data integrity is maintained
  • Less time to enrol and engage learners on programmes
  • Retain all processes that exist in current MIS systems
  • Automatic generation of learners' user names and passwords, improving speed of induction and engagement

To find out how your organisation can benefit from Learning Assistant and MIS integration contact the Learning Assistant team.

21 November 2013

Learning Assistant updated to now include VRQs

Learning Assistant has now been updated to include VRQs. This new feature means that centres do not have to adapt VRQ delivery in order to benefit from using the e-portfolio.

Learning Assistant now includes VRQs.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to record evidence and calculate grades for qualifications set in a non-classroom setting
  • No more need for assessors to manage grading/marking worksheets for assignment units
  • Improved task management making it easy to release and recall tasks for candidates
  • Automatic grading - grades for assignment units based on the score set at task level are automatically calculated

To find out more about our VRQ tool or how your organisation can benefit from Learning Assistant contact the Learning Assistant team.


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