TAQA digital learning programme

TAQA digital learning programme that covers all the content of Unit 301 of the Level 3, Award in Understanding the Principles and Practice of Assessment.

TAQA (Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance) is part of our Raising Standards offer, which is designed to help you meet your key challenges.

It has been developed by City & Guilds Kineo, the award winning e-learning development company.


These videos provide you with information about the content and structure of the City & Guilds TAQA e-Learning programme.

This engaging, interactive learning experience enables the professional development of anyone carrying out assessments and quality assurance in most learning environments.

As well as independent study, it can also be used as an extension of classroom activities for all TAQA qualifications, supporting blended learning.

What’s included?

The TAQA e-learning programme is delivered as a series of short, varied activities, of no more than 15 minutes, making it easy for learners to dip in and out – fitting around their day job. 

The course utilises three key delivery methods:

1. Get the knowledge – explanation of key theories, principles and best-practice rules of assessment.

2. Test yourself - formative assessment quizzes that support progress and help prepare for summative assessment.

3. Self-study activities – mix of e-learning elements and offline or web-based study tasks that focus on industry or qualification specific assessments. 

Qualification structure

The TAQA e-learning programme is available as a stand-alone qualification or can be taken as an optional unit within any of the following qualifications: 



Teaching & Training

Quality Assurance

Level 5 

Education and Training (6502)




Education and Training (6502)

Learning and Development (6318)

Assessment and Quality Assurance (6317)

Level 3 

Education and Training (6502)

Learning and Development (6318)

Assessment and Quality Assurance (6317)


  1. Who is this qualification designed for? 
    These qualifications are open to people carrying out assessments and quality assurance in most learning environments including FE, Adult Continuing Learning, Employers and Third Sector. They are designed for anyone assessing and carrying out quality assurance in all occupational sectors, accredited learning, non-accredited learning (e.g. where performance is being assessed by the learner who is not undertaking a qualification), qualifications on the National Qualification Framework (NQF) and framework qualifications.

  2. If I work through the full e-learning programme for the ‘Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment’, will I have all of the knowledge required to go through to the summative assessment? 
    Yes, the e-learning programme covers all of the knowledge and understanding to enable learners to meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria with a summative assessment that will test their understanding.

  3. Is the ‘Understanding Principles and Practices of Assessment’ unit in TAQA the same as the Principles of Assessment unit in the PTLLS/CTLLS? 
    No, the unit is not the same. They cover some of the same areas of assessment but the units are not identical and have different requirements. From September 2013 the revised Level 3 Award in Education and Training qualification (6502) includes the ‘Understanding Principles and Practices of Assessment’ unit as an optional unit. The ’Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment’ unit is also available as an option in the PTLLS/CTLLS and the new Award in Education and training.

  4. Do you have to be a qualified assessor to undertake Unit 301? 
    No, anyone can undertake the knowledge units in TAQA Units 301 and 401. There are no requirements to hold any other qualification prior to undertaking these units.

  5. What is the progression opportunity once achieving this qualification?
    There is a progression route through these qualifications and as  these units then appear in each of the subsequent qualifications it is possible (when the learner’s job role allows) to move on from the ‘Principles’ units into practice and therefore achieve the ‘applied’ or ‘competence-based’ units. But it is not mandatory that they are done in any order.

  6. Is the e-learning programme part of another qualification? 
    Yes, it is an optional unit within the teacher training qualifications, 6502 and the full TAQA 6317 suite of awards.

  7. How is the e-learning programme designed? 
    It is designed it to be delivered as a series of short, varied activities, making it easy for learners to dip in and out of the learning.  The programme consists of knowledge inputs, formative assessment quizzes, study tasks and summary take-away following each section, summarising the key learning points.

  8. How will the qualification be assessed? 
    There are three options to choose from. The tutor can select either the assignment activity, which consists of a short answer question paper and a presentation, or the e-volve test and professional discussion. Centres also have the option of devising their own assessment activity if they  wish  following the guidance and gaining agreement with their Qualification Consultant .This is the summative assessment which the learner should complete at the end of the course/programme.

  9. How is the e-learning programme accessed? 
    Learners who have a valid licence for the e-learning can gain access using the City & Guilds SmartScreen platform.

  10. How do I buy licences for the e-learning programme? 
    You can buy licences for each learner by contacting Direct Sales on 0844 543 0000 or by emailing directsales@cityandguilds.com.
    Calls to our 0844 numbers cost 7 pence per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge.

  11. How long does a learner licence last for?
    Each licence is valid for six months of unlimited access, from the point at which they are activated. Licences can be activated up to two years after purchase.

  12. Are there any web browser compatibility requirements for accessing the e-learning? 
    To view and use the e-learning content in SmartScreen Maths & English, you will need the following internet browser versions:
    Internet Explorer V7 - if Google Chrome Frame is installed
    Internet Explorer V8 - if Adobe Flash (current versions) OR Google Chrome Frame is installed
    Google Chrome (latest version)
    Firefox (V15 or higher)
    Safari (V5 or higher, OS X only)
    If you have any questions about this please contact us at subcribe@smartscreen.co.uk or contact your IT department.

  13. Who can I contact for technical support when using the e-learning? 
    If you have technical issues please contact subcribe@smartscreen.co.uk.

  14. Will learners automatically be registered for the Level 3 Award whilst working through the e-learning programme? 
    No, learners should be registered separately via the Walled Garden as usual.

  15. Is there a text book available to support learners whilst working through the programme? 
    Yes there is a text book available. The City & Guilds Practical Guide to Quality Assurance can be purchased from our bookshop or www.amazon.co.uk.

  16. Can a learner access the e-volve test through the SmartScreen platform? 
    No, the e-volve test is scheduled outside of SmartScreen through the Walled Garden.

  17. Can I just study the e-learning programme and not go on to complete the qualification? 
    Yes, many find the e-learning programme a valuable CPD programme.

  18. How long will it take me to work through the e-learning programme? 
    It depends on the learner; there are approximately 25 hours of e-learning and activities to work through. Typically a learner would complete this programme in eight weeks fitting around their work.

  19. Can learners access the e-leaning programme from their home PC? 
    Yes, each learner will be given a login and can work in any location that is suitable to them.

  20. Is the e-learning programme compatible with a tablet device? 
    The programme can be accessed on tablet devices (except those running iOS).