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Maths and English are vital skills we all need to develop and keep using throughout life. Almost every job requires the ability to communicate and use numbers confidently, along with the capacity to problem solve and use technology effectively. Explore our offer in further detail below.

England pngWe offer a comprehensive range of maths and English qualifications to help your learners progress and succeed.

City & Guilds has been offering qualifications in maths, English and ICT for close to 50 years with the aim of helping young people and adults to succeed in all that they choose to do in work and life.

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Our Functional Skills maths and English qualifications, have been designed to help learners of all ages and levels, supporting them to develop and demonstrate the practical skills needed in real-life situations confidently.

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Scotland pngCore skills are broad, transferable skills that help learners develop the main capabilities needed to be active and responsible members of society. The Core Skills Framework is a central part of the Scottish qualifications system.

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Wales pngThe redesign of Essential Skills qualification in Wales forms part of the Welsh Government’s Reform of Qualifications, a programme of reform undertaken to ensure a high quality and well respected national qualifications system for Wales.

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