Functional Skills ICT: Withdrawal of simulation tests


How is on-screen Functional Skills ICT assessment changing?

From 01 August 2015, in-application, or ‘in-app’, will be the sole on-screen assessment method for Functional Skills ICT offered through our e-volve platform. The existing on-screen simulation tests are being fully withdrawn and will no longer be available to book from this date.

How does this change affect City & Guilds’ Functional Skills ICT offer?

For ICT, City & Guilds will continue to offer both an on-screen assessment method, in-app, as well as the existing on-demand paper-based tests.

The key change is the launch of in-app assessment. In-app offers all of the advantages of the withdrawn on-screen simulations – such as the ability to schedule tests at short notice and take tests offline without a live internet connection – with the added benefit for learners of being able to use MS Office applications to complete key tasks. Information on in-app and how to deliver it can be found on our dedicated in-app webpage

How do we book in-app tests?

As an e-volve assessment, in-app is booked via Walled Garden exactly as any other on-screen test.

All centres approved to offer Functional Skills ICT (3748-03) through City & Guilds are automatically eligible to provide in-app to their learners. A full list of the unit/ assessment numbers for Functional Skills ICT is shown below.

Functional Skills ICT Assessment:   PoS:  Level:  Unit Number: Availability: 
In-app on screen (e-volve) 3748-03 Level 1 3798-924 Available to schedule
In-app on screen (e-volve) 3748-03 Level 2  3798-925 Available to schedule
Paper based (on-demand) 3748-03 Level 1 3798-324 Available to schedule
Paper based (on-demand) 3748-03 Level 2  3798-325 Available to schedule
Simulation (e-volve) 3748-03 Level 1  3798-224 Withdrawn from 01 August 2015
Simulation (e-volve) 3748-03 Level 2  3798-225 Withdrawn from 01 August 2015

We have scheduled ICT simulations for learners after 31 July, how will these be dealt with?

While it will not be possible to schedule ICT simulation tests from 01 August 2015, simulation tests booked before this date to be taken no later than 31 August 2015 are still valid. Any simulation test booked for after 01 September will be cancelled.


How do we arrange re-sits for learners who have previously taken the simulation tests?

If a learner has recently taken a simulation test and you are concerned that they may require a re-sit, you may book a simulation test for them before 01 August to be taken no later than 31 August. If the re-sit is not required, and the test not taken, you will not be charged for this booking.

We have booked an ICT simulation test for a learner. Can this be changed to in-app?

Yes. Simply schedule a new test booking for the learner using the correct in-app unit/ assessment reference. The original booking will not incur a charge once the (simulation) test remains untaken.

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