Raising the standards of maths and English delivery

The growing emphasis on maths and English is placing increasing pressure on tutors to ensure their learners reach the highest possible level of attainment. We understand there is a need to support tutors at every level in order to ensure that they are confident and that consistency and quality is upheld. That’s why we’ve worked with our customers to create a comprehensive staff development programme that will:

  • Promote good practice of maths and English delivery across your centre
  • Refresh and diversify skills
  • Boost confidence and engagement of non-specialist tutors
  • Reduce the burden on delivery staff
  • Drive learner engagement and success
  • Raise the standards of maths and English delivery at your centre.

How we can help

Qualifications suitable for staff development

Centres are telling us that our qualifications are not only valuable to their learners but also provide excellent development opportunities for tutors, particularly for non-specialist staff.

English Skills and Mathematics Skills (3847)

The flexible, bite-sized approach to these qualifications allows tutors to focus on specific skills gaps rather than taking a full size qualification. They can be contextualised to the tutor’s own vocational specialism, making them relevant to individual needs, while also providing ideas for embedding.

Principles of English and Mathematics (3844)

Assessed by a one-off summative test taken onscreen, these qualifications are ideal for centre staff who have to deliver maths and English and need to refresh, develop and demonstrate their skills at Level 2. They cover a substantial part of the curriculum for in-depth development and are available on-demand with instant results and feedback, making them ideal for busy tutors.

English for Literacy and Mathematics for Numeracy Teaching (6255)

This short portfolio or assignment assessed qualification allows tutors to develop skills at Level 3 and provides the foundation to work towards specialist teaching qualifications in maths or English, including ESOL up to Level 5.

Both our English and Mathematics Skills and Principles of English and Mathematics qualifications can provide a step towards this teaching qualification, helping your staff to reach their own career goals.

Learning Support qualifications (6259) 

This flexible suite of qualifications is ideal for those in roles supporting teaching and learning, including maths and English. Available from Level 2 to Level 3, there are clear routes for progression and further personal development

Tools to support staff

We’ve developed a range of support resources designed to give tutors everything they need to deliver an exemplary maths and English learning experience, and embed maths and English into a range of learning programmes. The resources are ideal for non-specialist staff, helping them to develop their own skills and understanding and support lesson planning and delivery. For more information visit our Teaching and Learning Support page.

Quality assurance and assessment

With our portfolio of qualifications sound quality assurance processes are crucial. Our Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA) (6317) qualifications are ideal for that purpose and include a new online e-learning option for tutors and assessors.

We also deliver a range of online and face-to-face events throughout the year designed to help your staff to overcome any obstacles and to make improvements across the board, from personal development to delivery.

Advice and support

Subject specialist advisors are available to help staff on a range of subjects and will also facilitate or deliver staff development events within your centre.

Expert consultancy

Through our Advance consultancy service we can work with you to develop and implement your maths and English strategy. For all the detail visit our Advance pages.

Got a query?

If you have any queries about building maths and English into your learning programmes contact your business manager or email us.

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How to use our qualifications

We've created a simple table to help you understand how our qualifications fit in to current learning programmes.

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Tutor Community

Pose your questions to our maths and English experts on our dedicated community forums.

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New support resources

Our new Teaching and Learning resources provide support to tutors and learners across any maths and English qualification.

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