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Wales Essential Skills updates

January 2020

Feedback from centres suggests that they would find it useful to be able to design Controlled Tasks for their learners that reflect their chosen vocational area or interests. Qualification Wales has created some guidance to support centres to pursue this and more information can be found here.

If you are interested in creating your own version of a Controlled Task please download the presentation below which sets out the process for centres to follow.

Download the presentation

Any questions regarding designing your own controlled tasks or the process should be directed to ESW-CDT@cityandguilds.com

September 2018

September 2018

Following Qualification Wales’ review of the implementation of Essential Skills Wales Qualifications it has been agreed that it will be possible for learners to take a partial re-sit of the Essential Skills Communications controlled task where they have been unsuccessful with one or two parts of their controlled task. The Asset Management Group have issued guidance for centres in managing this process which is available here.

15 March 2018

A number of older controlled tasks have been removed from the qualifications page and are no longer available for use after 31 March 2018.

Any stocks of these tasks held by centres must be destroyed.

The table below lists the assessments which have been withdrawn:

Set 1

Set 2

ECommS Level 1

Community & Politics - Voting

Sport & Leisure – Exercising Outdoors

ECommS Level 2

Business – Starting a Business

Employment – Job Interviews

ECommS Level 3

Employment - Space Exploration

Sport & Leisure – Sports Drinks and Diodydd Chwaraeon

EAoNs Level 1


Sport & Leisure

EAoNs Level 2

Finance – Paying for a Holiday

Sport & Leisure – Designing a fitness programme and Diodydd Chwaraeon

EAoNs Level 3



EDLS Entry Level 1

Set 1 – Health & Fitness

EDLS Entry Level 2

Set 1 – Sport & Leisure

EDLS Entry Level 3

Set 1 - Health & Wellbeing

EDLS Level 1

Set 1 – Employment – Recruitment day

EDLS Level 2

Set 1 - Travel & Tourism - Staycation

EDLS Level 3

Set 1 – Travel & Tourism - Staycation

Some new controlled tasks have been added to the bank available from the City & Guilds’ website.

Find a table listing all the current active assessments >