ian roberts

Ian Roberts

"I passionately share City & Guilds' belief in the role that skills can play in transforming the lives of individuals and in supporting businesses and driving economic growth at a national and international level."

Technical Advisor for Construction

Like many in his generation, Ian started his career as an apprentice bricklayer and then moved on to establish a successful construction company. He further enhanced his career as a full time lecturer within Further Education for over 20 years. During this period, Ian received an invitation to become a consultant with City & Guilds, a role he eagerly accepted and now currently spans over 25 years culminating in his current role as Technical Advisor.

As all Technical Advisors, Ian is ready to listen and provide support, advice to customers, stakeholders and industry, respond to their requirements and provide the guidance and support that City & Guilds is uniquely placed to provide.

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