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Jonathan Porter

“I am passionate about education and fully committed to do my best to support providers in all the 4 nations, in order to help enhance and develop the skills of the next generation.”

Technical Advisor for Engineering

Jonathan left school with very few qualifications, the options he had were very limited, however, when he gained an apprenticeship in Fabrication and Welding, it helped him to develop his skills and knowledge. Further education gave him the drive to push himself further which then opened up other opportunities to be able to support young people to reach successful outcomes.

Jonathan was a welding engineer and has 11 years’ experience working in the engineering industry and 17 years working in the Further Education sector. Roles have included being an Instructor, Lecturer, and Curriculum Manager over 3 different colleges.

Jonathan’s role is to provide support and excellent customer service with Engineering qualifications from apprenticeships to full-time study programmes. 

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