e-volve centre analytics

e-volve centre analytics

e-volve centre analytics is a new, free online results analysis tool for City & Guilds centres, that gives you in depth analysis of your learners' performance for evolve tests.

With just a few clicks e-volve centre analytics will allow you to display your e-volve test data, in an easy to understand format. You will be able to analyse by date ranges, qualifications and units, view in various layouts and export for further analysis.

An overview of e-volve centre analytics

Helping you to better understand your centres' performance

  • Self-serve graphically based reports 
  • View dashboard of testing activity across all testing locations and qualifications 
  • Breakdown results by: day, month, year, grade, qualification & unit 
  • View calendar of scheduled and overdue tests 
  • Efficiently filter and search all historical test results 
  • View candidate results history 
  • Compare centre results against City & Guilds global average 
  • Reprint score reports from any date 
  • New score report layouts 
  • Easy view of candidate’s total test history 
  • Extract raw test data for use in own systems.