Our team of consultants have worked with organisations such as Tescos, Next, Ministry of Defence and more. They bring with them the expertise to help your business harness the talent of its staff – both current and future.


Developing your People Strategy

Using our expertise in skills development, training and delivery we will work with your Human Resource, Talent Management, Learning & Development teams to review your people plan, talent pipeline. We then develop a careers road map with clear pathways aligned to your business needs. Pathways could include apprenticeships, management training, recognitions and may incorporate technology. 


Embedding government education policy in your business

We make it our job to keep abreast of policy and reforms that impact on government-funded training and education provision. Through consultancy, we can work with your senior leadership team to understand how government changes could impact your business and develop a strategy to future proof your business.


Defining your Apprenticeship Strategy

City & Guilds is experts in the UK apprenticeship reforms and how to achieve maximum return from your apprenticeship levy. We provide guidance on mapping your people strategy to potential apprenticeships right through to helping you develop apprenticeship delivery programmes and choosing an end-assessment organisation. Should you choose to outsource apprenticeship training, we can assist you in developing partnerships with quality City & Guilds apprenticeship training providers best suited to your needs. Our experts look outside the box, ensuring your levy is not a tax, but rather an investment that pays dividends well into the future.


Defining your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy

Our consultants can define your CSR plans and strategy or build skills development into your current CSR strategy. Against your plan, we are able to assist you to develop initiatives, providing all the support you need to leverage your CSR for skills development.


Review your current training provision, capacity, mapping and skills gap analysis

We can assess your existing programmes and provide recommendations on gaps and opportunities for development in-line with your people strategy, maximising human resource potential. Following the review, we will map job roles and/or your existing training against apprenticeships and training programmes to embed learning and grow your staffs’ skill capacity. Part of the review process may include 360 feedback to inform future development plans and where skills gaps are highlighted we can support you in filling these.


Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies

City & Guilds have extensive experience complying with and applying regulatory body requirements such as those by the SFA, Ofsted, Institute of Apprenticeships, Ofqual and more. As part of this consultation we assist organisations to review their current position and understand their readiness to deliver against regulatory requirements. This could take the form of mock inspections and/or conducting quality assurance to confirm you and your subcontractors are in compliance. From this consultation, you can be assured of an objective and holistic review giving you a complete and accurate picture of where your organisation performs against government regulations along with recommendations for improvement.


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Case Studies

As long standing experts when it comes to vocational education, we really understand what businesses need when it comes to training the workforce. 

One of the largest accredited training programmes in the UK demonstrates commitment to workforce development and customer excellence.                                                                               

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Innovative chefs school tackling skills gaps and training the next generation of chefs with apprenticeships and accredited training.                                                                                    

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LifeSkills, created with Barclays and endorsed by City & Guilds, is helping to bridge the gap between school and work for young people.                                                                                                          

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One of the largest accredited training programmes in the UK demonstrates commitment to vocational learning and customer excellence.                                                                                                      

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In 2012 George launched a training scheme called the George Supplier Academy which has led to an increase in quality standards and a reduction in wastage of energy, materials and time.

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