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Managed Learning Services

MLS Offering
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Putting digital at the heart of new apprenticeship standards.

We all want to develop our staff, but often complex systems and convoluted processes get in the way. PIVOT is a Managed Learning Service (MLS) which combines three award-winning systems to create a single, streamlined platform for qualifications delivery.

Why we developed Managed Learning Services

Apprenticeships are never far from the spotlight. The most recent budget threw government support behind better workplace training. This is good news for businesses, however apprenticeship delivery is often time-consuming and almost always costly. Each lasts at least a year, and requires a sophisticated, blended delivery model.

Make things better

Until now, the platforms that managed apprenticeships were ‘old school’ and rarely integrated. This resulted in a poor user experience for both assessor and learner. Our challenge was simple: make things better.

A product unlike any other

City & Guilds Kineo decided to create a management system that makes sense of all those complex, process-heavy, admin-loving systems. We built a platform that learners love to use. A product unlike any other on the market.


We integrated award-winning systems —  Profiler, Learning Assistant, and Totara LMS —  to create a single platform to help deliver workplace qualifications. At the heart of Managed Learning Services lies PIVOT (Professional, Interactive, Vocational, Online Training). PIVOT manages qualifications, learners, mentors, assessors, administrators, funding and data.

A single partner to deliver your training and qualifications

No other provider has the backing of City & Guilds and such extensive experience in learning technology.

MLS Offering

A simpler way to deliver, manage and track delivery of apprenticeships.

Because we understand how demanding it is to deliver new standard apprenticeships, our expert team is on hand at every stage: we make sure your content meets agreed qualifications standards, we create our systems to deliver every report needed to guarantee funding, and we provide vital support when an inspection looms.

Best of breed systems and programme management


We review and map current training against national qualifications standards and when we identify gaps, we partner with you to set up new qualifications. We align learning with your organisation’s needs and talk you through the maze of funding regulations. We also arrange workshops to talk about how delivery is shaping up.

Blended learning

The MLS team creates engaging content by mixing traditional elearning with more interactive delivery through knowledge checks, simulations, surveys and webinars.


Three award-winning systems integrate to create one MLS platform. There’s an easy-to-use learner front end backed by a suite of e-portfolio and assessor tools. A bullet-proof funding engine tracks and manages Skills Funding Agency submissions. Thanks to our Managed Learning Service, qualification delivery is no longer admin-heavy.

Registration and Certification

City & Guilds Kineo handle registration and certification, and this means that the whole process from start to finish is admin-light. This keeps down costs and boosts efficiency.

MLS Success Stories

Cost effective systems that prove learner engagement.

City & Guilds Kineo works closely with our clients to streamline and simplify their apprenticeship delivery. From saving businesses money to raising Ofsted ratings, our Managed Learning Services provides a quality solution to meet business needs.

Compass Group

When the Compass Group teamed up with City & Guilds Kineo as launch partners for Managed Learning Services, Ofsted ratings were low. In the space of a year, we moved learning online, put digital at the heart of delivery and management, and helped Compass fly through its next inspection. Compass now have one team that looks after all their qualifications services and a single, integrated system to manage qualifications, learners, mentors, assessors, administrators, funding, and data. By taking the bold step of transforming its programmes with a blended approach and the adoption of new technologies, Compass can now deliver 50% more qualifications within its training budget and estimates the initial savings was over £250,000.

Capita Talent Partnership

Capita Talent Partnership came to City & Guilds Kineo in search of a more innovative blend and programme delivery for both their own employees and onward sale to clients such as the Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC. They needed a system that offered robust resource management and a great learner experience. Managed Learning Services, PIVOT gives Capita learners access to a easy-to-use dashboard that guides learning and builds engagement – it’s simple to see what tasks remain and ask for help at any time. At the same time, the team who administer and manage delivery get reliable, secure data that makes it easy to request funding and monitor return on investment.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC has frequently been recognised for its work in developing people: KFC was named as a Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer in 2012 and was awarded Great Place to Work status for the last three years. For KFC, PIVOT is an essential tool that supports a move from dated workbook-based learning to slick digital delivery. The MLS platform monitors, tracks and manages delivery of modern apprenticeships. Our Managed Learning Services team is on hand to support those looking after both learners and assessors.