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Solutions for nurturing talent

City & Guilds has a suite of high quality products and services you can pick and mix from to build and deliver a leading edge people development programme with optimal returns on investment.

What can we help you with?


On-programme learning to prepare for end-point assessment

The introduction of the UK apprenticeship levy provides organisations with an opportunity to re-examine their existing apprenticeship programme or incorporate one for the first time. Our experts will assist you in identifying which apprenticeships are right for your business as well as provide bespoke packages to support the on-programme element of your chosen apprenticeships. If required, we can also support the creation or update of your apprenticeship strategy to incorporate the changes resulting from the apprenticeship reforms. In short, we provide end-to-end support services and resources to enable your business to best capitalise on the levy and ensure your apprentices are fully prepared for end-point assessment.

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City & Guilds End-point Assessment Service

Now that employers have more control over the assessment of their apprentices you want to ensure you contract the right end assessment organisation so your apprentices are assessed in alignment with your business priorities. City & Guilds are an approved assessment organisation on the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (RoAAO). Click here for information on which apprenticeships we assess.


Off-the-shelf qualifications

City & Guilds have an wide range of qualifications which meet the National Occupational standards for all sectors which your business may choose to incorporate in your training programme. Our industry expertise means we can also signpost to non City & Guilds qualifications where appropriate. We will assist you with scoping out the right qualification that meets your business objectives.

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Bespoke or customised qualifications

An off-the-shelf qualification may not meet the needs of your business and/or industry you operate in. Given all the relevant requirements are met, we can draw on our knowledge and expertise in creating vocational qualifications to develop the content, units structure and assessment for a qualification bespoke to your needs.


City & Guild Assured

We know that the quality of your training directly influences your business performance and is designed by you, to meet your unique business needs.  These in-house programmes become more valuable internally and externally when recognised by global leaders in learning excellence and quality. City & Guilds and ILM have developed a new recognitions service, Assured, which gives our quality stamp to your in-house training.  We assess the training against our quality standard, developed in partnership with industry experts.  

As an employer, achieving Assured status on your in-house training programmes allows you to attract, recruit and retain talent, motivate employees, upskill your teams and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It is a valuable business tool, showing you how to take your training from good to great.

The service adds value to any type of training no matter the content, format or length. We can recognise both face-to-face and e-learning, assessed or non-assessed training and even training in local languages.

To find out more and to speak to us about your existing training programmes please visit the new Assured page.


Our credentialing service allow you to recognise your staff’s achievement within your own training programmes without the need to put them through a formal qualification or assessment. Credentials may utilise digital technology such as digital badges or take the form of traditional methods – whichever works best for your organisation. To find out more about digital badging, please see DigitalMe, a City & Guilds Group organisation.

Technology solutions

Technology platforms to support your own training

We can scope out technology solutions to support the delivery of learning and training programmes in line with organisation’s people strategy. We may recommend our own technology platforms– such as PIVOT which blends e-learning, management and learner management systems to create a seamless journey for all involved – or sign post you to other products. It is completely dependent on your requirements and objectives for learning. 

E-learning training solutions

City & Guilds has a range of digital products to support delivery of training programmes and apprenticeships that can be off-the-shelf or customised accordingly. To find the best solution for your business, we will scope out the content you require and recommend the right training solution to achieve your desired outcomes, be this an e-learning platform, non-digital approach or combination of both. We will also offer advice on the right consultant or organisation to develop your training.


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One of the largest accredited training programmes in the UK demonstrates commitment to vocational learning and customer excellence.                                                                                                      

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