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Case Study - Barclays Digital Driving License

One of the largest accredited training programmes in the UK demonstrates commitment to workforce development and customer excellence.

The Challenge

As one of the leading international financial services providers, Barclays have over 300 years’ experience in banking, operating in over 50 countries and employing approximately 135,000 people.

In 2012, Barclays set themselves the objective of becoming “the most digitally savvy workforce in UK retail” in order to upskill their staff with digital skills, increasing motivation. To deliver this uplift in skills Barclays needed a quality training programme that was fit for the organisation’s needs and was externally recognised with an independent stamp of quality to increase the value of the training to the staff.

Our Approach

To meet this need, Barclays created the Digital Driving Licence, an in-house training programme and, with the help of City & Guilds, the employer facing team at City & Guilds, developed a quality programme with consistent learning outcomes, leading to a City & Guilds accreditation. This programme drove an uplift in the skills needed to assist Barclays on their journey, helping staff to gain key digital skills that they could apply both at work and in everyday life.

One of the most well known courses within the Digital Driving Licence is the Digital Eagles training programme, training front line staff and branch managers to support customers using technology – helping first-time or novice internet users with everything from getting started with mobile banking to making a call to grandchildren on Skype. Barclays has now created over 3,500 ‘Digital Eagles’ in its branches across the UK and the accredited programme is considered a great success both internally and externally.

The Results

Before the Digital Driving Licence programme started, only 2% of Barclays customers used online banking. With help from their accredited programme, this figure rose to 13% in 2014 and upskilling of staff is partly credited for this increase. At the launch of the programme, Barclays aimed to get 5,000 colleagues through the accredited training. By March 2015 this target was met and surpassed, with over 10,000 Barclays colleagues completing the programme and numbers continuing to rise.

Due to the success of this internal training programme, Barclays have now expanded the availability of the Digital Driving Licence to the general public, offering an interactive learning experience, endorsed by City & Guilds, to create a digitally savvy society across the UK.

This exciting development offers access to modules the will enhance digital knowledge including ‘Future Tech’ in association with Google, ‘The Digital World’ in association with Microsoft, ‘Analytics’ in association with IBM and ‘Coding’ in association with Coder Dojo. On completion of each module, learners receive an open badge, offering verification of skills, interests and achievements through credible organisations. Why not sign up for the Digital Driving Licence and improve your digital skills?
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