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Global Certification for the Hospitality Industry

Global Certification for the Hospitality Industry

An international benchmark for hospitality businesses

Travel and tourism is the world's single largest employer, with a predicted 73 million new jobs in the industry by 2022. It is anticipated that by 2020 1 in every 10 jobs will be in hospitality, and it is these jobs that require the next generation of hospitality leaders. Attracting and retaining talent within the hospitality industry has always been a challenge.

Individuals often finding themselves working in the sector, with no clear understanding of the wide range of opportunities available to them and the speed at which they could progress to their dream job. Identifying and recognising talent can also be a challenge for employers as their immediate focus is often on tackling issues around staff turnover and recruitment.

It’s time to make skills visible.

Let's innovate

City & Guilds is proud to be at the forefront of the first global skills benchmark for the hospitality industry, taking real-life and workplace skills and making them:

  • Visible
  • Measurable
  • Global

So what is it?

The benchmark showcases typical job roles in the hospitality industry, showing where an individual is, based on their existing competencies, and where they could progress.

Employers can use the benchmark to recognise and inspire their staff and also to attract new talent.

For individuals, the badges provide a great way to show what they can do in ways never seen before.

In partnership with Worldchefs, the only global professional body for chefs.

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What is a digital badge and how does it help me?

As an individual, digital badges help you showcase what you can do in a new and exciting way.

They make the skills you have learnt on and off the job, visible and accessible, opening up new opportunities, for work or for personal growth.

A badge provides rich data on what you have done to achieve it, using a secure online system. Your badge can also be verified online, through a single click, and shared out to the world, using social media.

Already a global movement across multiple sectors, badges allow people to get recognition for the skills and experience, making them more employable.

The new Global Hospitality Badges are a great tool to build a career pathway. You can use them to show continued competency in your job role or to mark key milestones as you progress to your next job.

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What are these new hospitality badges and how can they benefit my business?

As an employer, using digital badges can help you make your business future proof.

They are an investment in your staff. You can use badges to recognise when individuals perform well in their role and help unlock new opportunities for them.

Our new Global Hospitality Badges can be embedded into existing performance management systems and processes, providing a very flexible solution to inspire and develop staff.

They can also be a powerful way to show progression opportunities in the sector. The badges can help you attract and retain talent, within your organisation and also in the industry in general.

Explore the framework we have co-designed with leading employers >

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Training Providers

What are digital badges and how can they benefit my organisation?

As a training or learning provider, digital badges can help make your learners more employable.

If you have a work-place component in your training, which meets the requirements set out in the Global Hospitality Certification, you can attach a badge to your programme.

The badge will recognise time spent working in the industry and the skills developed during this time, helping your graduates stand out from the crowd when they are looking for their first or next job.

It is also a recognition of the links you have built with employers which can be one of your competitive advantages.

Explore the framework we have co-designed with leading employers >

How do digital badges work?

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