The Commendations programme was developed as a way of discovering talent and rewarding both learners and centres throughout the year. We're passionate about championing excellence in skills education and recognising the success that acquiring a new skill can bring and we congratulate those who have been recognised previously.

The City & Guilds Group are about to introduce a new way to promote success and as a result we are closing our Commendations programme from 30 July 2017.

Introducing #MySkillsStory

From 22 August 2017 the City & Guilds Group will have a new way to recognise the success that acquiring a new skill can bring. From coding to carpentry, horticulture to hairdressing, sign language to sugar-craft - and everything else in between.

Whether they be a learner, a lecturer, a principal, a parent or an employer, anyone can tell their story about how learning a new skill changed their life using the hashtag, #MySkillsStory.

Stories can be told in any format that's shareable on social including videos, infographics, prezi, blogs, photos, or just a simple social media post. And they can then be shared with the world via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

All the stories will be shared on the City & Guilds Group website receiving an open badge to recognise their contribution to promoting skills.

The very best stories each month will be awarded a 'Skills Superstar badge' and may be considered for other City & Guilds award programmes such as the Medals for Excellence and Lion Awards.

If you have any learners, colleagues or associates who have a great skills story to tell please encourage them to share it on #MySkillsStory.

We can't wait to hear your #MySkillsStory!

almudena prada thumbnail image

Overall Commendations Winner 2017

Congratulations Almudena Prada on winning the 2017 overall winner award

Almudena broke her foot this term but this has not stopped her from trying her best to keep up the pace in completing all coursework and trying to help some of her classmates in studying when possible. She makes the effort to come into college every day and ask for extra work to help her prepare for her assessments when she can go back into the kitchen. She never complains and always has a big smile on her face.