Senior Awards

Senior Awards are no longer available

The final registration date for Senior Awards candidates was 16 August 2013. This was for direct candidates applying for:

  • Licentiateship (9101);
  • Graduateship (9104);
  • Membership (9106).

Applications received after 16 August 2013 have not been accepted. Instead candidates are encouraged to apply for the replacement qualifications, the Professional Recognition Awards.

Candidates cannot apply directly to City & Guilds for the Professional Recognition Awards. To apply for the Professional Recognition Awards candidates should apply via an approved City & Guilds centre.

Information about the Professional Recognition Awards, including how to apply and what evidence a candidate needs to provide, can be found on the dedicated webpage.

Professional Recognition Awards

Professional Recognition Awards are qualifications that are logged on the National Qualifications Framework and available at levels 4 to 7.

Successful candidates will also receive a City & Guilds award (Licentiateship, Affiliateship, Graduateship or Membership) and the right to use the appropriate post nominal letters.

Candidates will not be able to apply directly to City & Guilds for a Professional Recognition Award and will instead need to contact Customer Relations who will provide a list of approved centres in their region. 

More information about Professional Recognition Awards can be found on the Professional Recognition Awards (9200) qualification page.