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Frequently asked questions


Am I eligible to join NRoSo?

Membership is available to pesticide operators who hold an appropriate certificate of competence qualification approved by the Chemical Regulations Division (CRD) for the safe application of pesticides. To find out more on the pesticide qualifications visit the dedicated webpage.

How long does membership last?

A membership term runs for three years from the initial joining date to the scheme. Payment can be made on an annual or three-year basis

How much does membership cost?

The registration fee for all new members is £10.

The annual fee is £29 per year or £78 for 3 years.

Annual membership fee: Payment is by either debit or credit card or direct debit. (Click here for Direct Debit Mandate). Existing members are encouraged to pay online via the secure login area. Alternatively, payments can be made via BACS.

Three-year membership fee: - new members can join online and pay by either debit or credit card. Existing members are encouraged to pay online via the secure login area. Alternatively, payment can be made via BACS.

How do I join?

You can start your application by clicking ‘Join Now’. You will need to fill out the form online and provide your payment details. Applications are usually processed within 5 working days. Applicants or their employers have the option of paying by either debit/credit card or direct debit. For direct debit payments you will need to have the facility to print out a direct debit mandate that you can either email or post to us.

Send your Direct Debit mandate by email to:

If you require a paper-based application form you can request one from

Can I apply by post to join instead?

Applications are made online for new members to join the scheme.

On submission of your application you may be contacted to provide a copy of your approved pesticide certificate to support your membership application.

Can I transfer my membership to another person?

Memberships are not transferable from one member to another. Each member must join separately and have their own unique membership number.

Is membership for the individual or the farm?

Membership is for the individual(s) responsible for the application of pesticides.

What does the scheme require of its members?

Members are required to collect a minimum of 30 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points from ‘registered activities’ over a three-year period from their registration date. View the CPD list to find out how to collect points.

Members should gain at least 15 points before the end of year 2 within the three-year membership. If the member has not achieved 15 points before the end of year two, an advisory letter will be sent to the member requesting an update on outstanding points.

The achievement of CPD points by individual members will be monitored throughout their membership and members will receive a CPD point’s statement with their payment renewal reminders. Alternatively, members can view their CPD points online if they have registered an email address with us via the ‘Secure Login’ area.

Members who have not achieved the required 30 points by the end of the three-year membership will initially be suspended for 45 days. If evidence for the required points has not been received within 45 days, the membership will be cancelled. Once cancelled for this reason, a member cannot re-join the scheme for a minimum of 12 months from the date of cancellation.

Members need to be familiar with and adhere to the terms and conditions of the scheme and the NRoSO Code of Conduct.

Continual Professional Development

How do I gain CPD points?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points can be gained through activities on a farm or through attending registered courses and events.

To claim points for activities on a farm, such as meetings with an agronomist or attending an NSTS test, members need to send in the appropriate evidence to NRoSO for the points to be added to their CPD statement.

What type of training is suitable for CPD?

To gain CPD points activities, meetings and training events must contain pesticide-related information and/or content. The information should ideally include some or all the following:

  • Legislation.
  • Application Equipment.
  • Environmental Safety (including Flora, Aquatic life & Wildlife, Air Water Soil Protection in respect of crop protection).
  • Occupational Health & Safety (in respect of pesticide use).
  • Crop Protection Technology.
  • Plant Protection.
  • Integrated Crop Management.

How do I find out about events where I can claim CPD points?

Details of some applicable events will be published on the NRoSO webpages under the ‘Events’ section.  Some of the events or shows on the website may not have a location but instead will have the trainers name and contact details for you to email them for further information. Alternatively, you can contact your local training provider, agrochemical supplier, agricultural college/university or assessment centre for further advice.

I am an event organiser, how do I apply for NRoSO points for the event I am running?

Events must contain pesticide-related content to be eligible for NRoSO CPD points. Applications for CPD points from training providers and event organisers will be awarded points according to the course objectives and content. These need to be specified on the ‘Application for Allocation of CPD points for Events & Courses’ form that you send to City & Guilds. The application form can be downloaded found on our dedicated page. Please submit the application form 2 weeks prior to the event for points to be allocated.

How do I prove attendance at shows/events to qualify for points?

All shows and training events designated with NRoSO CPD points will be given a reference number. Delegates at those events will need to register attendance using their NRoSO membership number. Once the attendance register is returned to us (we ask the event organiser to send the event register to us as soon as the event or show has taken place) we can then input membership numbers onto records so that member’s CPD statements are updated.

Where do I send my CPD evidence?

The preferred method for evidence of attendance of events, courses, NSTS test, meetings with your agronomist or subscriptions/publications is via the secure online log-in. Alternatively, evidence can be submitted to us either at the address below or scanned and sent via e-mail to

All paperwork is securely destroyed once processed so please only send photocopies and keep original documents for your own records.

Please clearly mark the paperwork with your NRoSO membership number.

NRoSO Support Team,
City & Guilds,
4 Red Hall Court,
Paragon Business Village,

Can I submit CPD points online?

CPD evidence can be submitted via the ‘Secure Login’ area. We currently accept evidence of your meetings with agronomist, attendance at an NSTS test and specific subscriptions/publications. Evidence will need to be uploaded and verified before points can be allocated.

Can I access my CPD statement online?

Yes, you can access your CPD statement online via the ‘Secure Login’ area. To successfully login you must have provided NRoSO with a valid email address on your membership application form. To login for the first time, you will need to set your password by clicking the ‘Password Reminder’ button and entering your email address. A secure password will be emailed to you to allow you to login.

Can I carry CPD points over from one membership term to another?

If you achieve more than 30 CPD points you can carry over up to 10 CPD points into your next three-year membership term.  They will appear in the subsequent term as ‘carried forward’ points on your CPD statement.

Mitigating Circumstances

A ‘Mitigating Circumstances Form’ can be submitted by any member at the end of their three-year term if they have been impacted by circumstances beyond their control which may have adversely affected their achievement of CPD points.  For example, medical matters or actions of an employer. Complete our mitigating circumstances form.

Login / notifications

What is the ‘Secure Login’ Area?

The ‘Secure Login’ area is available for members, employers and farm assurance users to check CPD statements, upload CPD evidence and make payments when due. In order to access this area we must hold a valid email address for the member, employer or farm assurance user. If you have provided us with a valid email address, to login for the first time simply click the ‘Password Reminder’ button and enter your email address. A secure password will be emailed to you to allow you to login.

I am having trouble logging in to the secure login area

If you have entered your email address and clicked ‘Password Reminder’ but have not received your password login details it is likely that we do not hold a current email address against your member/employer record.

Please call 02476 857300 or email  to ensure we have your correct email address.

How secure is the online payment system?

All transactions are performed on a secure web server. We use SSL encryption software to keep the details of your order and credit/debit card information secure. All the information you provide is encrypted so that none of your details can be read in the secure line between your computer and our processing department. After processing, your details are held in our subscription system which is a separate area, unlinked and away from our internet pages. If you pay for your subscription by Direct Debit you will be protected by our Direct Debit Guarantee. This means you can cancel at any time and receive a full refund on any disputed payments.

Why can I not see my direct debit bank details in the ‘pay fees’ section?

Due to data protection, and to ensure that bank details remain secure and confidential, you will not be able to see your direct debit details in the secure login pay fees area.

Can I receive payment reminders via email?

To receive payment reminders via email we need a valid email address. If you are paying and not currently receiving email notifications then we do not have a valid email address for you, or our emails are going into your junk/spam folder. If your employer pays for you, we need to have their email address recorded against their employer record).

If you would like to confirm your correct email address please send an email to stating your NRoSO membership number and employer details (if applicable).

Membership guidelines

What are the professional standards expected of NRoSO members?

To ensure the reputation in the public eye that pesticide applications are managed and administered in a safe way it is essential for members to adhere to ethical and operational standards. These are contained in the Code of Conduct, (also included in the membership joining pack).

What are the terms and conditions of the scheme?

The ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the scheme can be accessed on a dedicated page, (also included in the membership joining pack).

How can I appeal against decisions made by NRoSO / City & Guilds?

Where a member disagrees with a decision or action taken by the NRoSO Support Team at City & Guilds and it cannot be resolved, the member should follow the Disputes and Appeals Procedure.

Is there any provision made for long term illness as a member of NRoSO?

Yes, it has been recognised that from time-to-time members who have illness or accidents that have put them out of action for an extended period are unable to accumulate CPD points. It has therefore been agreed that if a member or their employer, as appropriate, sends a letter and doctor’s note substantiating the illness, the membership can be extended at no additional cost for up to a maximum of twelve months. During this twelve-month period the member will not be expected to accumulate points as they are deemed ill. Once the illness extension has passed the member will revert back into.

BASIS and Farm Assurance

Can NRoSO CPD points be gained at events registered with BASIS?

Events and courses must be registered with NRoSO to receive CPD points from NRoSO. Events and courses registered with NRoSO and BASIS will gain CPD points from both schemes.

Event and course organisers can use the joint paper application form to apply for CPD points for both NRoSO and BASIS, but organisers must send this to both schemes. 
Alternatively, applying online via the BASIS website the application will automatically be forwarded to NRoSO.

Do I need to join NRoSO if I am a member of the BASIS Professional Register or BASIS Amenity Register?

You may need to be a member of NRoSO if you are applying pesticides commercially.

BASIS professional register or Amenity members can apply to join NRoSO online. Once the membership pack has been received, you will need to provide a copy of your BASIS membership certificate to be allocated NRoSO CPD points.

Is NRoSO part of the Farm Assurance schemes?

Belonging to NRoSO is a requirement for any sprayer operator working on a holding covered by a farm assurance scheme. Not being a member will be regarded as non-compliance or in some instances a critical failure point.

I am a farm assurance user how do I check NRoSO member’s details?

Login into the secure login area. If we do not hold your email address or you have trouble logging in, then please call 02476 857300 and request to be set up as a farm assurance user.

Where else can I get support?

Can’t find what you’re looking for - contact us via email or phone. 

02476 857300