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City & Guilds TechBac is a new approach to skills-based education for 14-19 year olds that’s been designed to bridge the gap between education and employment.

TechBac has been developed with employers and education providers to offer a unique blend of hands-on technical skills, transferable ‘soft’ skills and workplace behaviours. This helps learners to feel more confident and ready for work, and gives employers the skilled and work-ready recruits they need.


TechBac consists of two main elements


City & Guilds Technical Qualifications and Workplace Skills can be studied on their own, but combining the two is the only way to achieve a TechBac.

Why choose TechBac?

TechBac is leading the way in establishing a gold standard curriculum for young people that enables them to successfully progress into a job or apprenticeship, or on to university.

Education providers – why you should deliver TechBac

TechBac provides you with a strategic, forward-thinking curriculum for 14-19 year olds that addresses some of the key challenges identified in the 14-19 Reforms. These include learner destinations and outcomes, employer engagement and adopting digital delivery.

The benefits of delivering TechBac include:

  • Developed with and supported by leading employers
  • Approved for funding under Section 96
  • Offers clear progression pathways into further learning, employment, apprenticeships and university
  • Assessments prepared by City & Guilds, so your staff can focus on delivery
  • Qualifications approved by the DfE and appearing on performance tables
  • Closely aligned to the new Ofsted Common Inspection Framework 
  • Reflects recommendations set out by FELTAG (Further Education Learning Technologies Action Group)
  • Comprehensive support given by City & Guilds at all stages of delivery

Find out more about delivering TechBac, our Technical Qualifications and Workplace Skills.

Learners – why you should study TechBac 

TechBac is designed to set you apart from the competition. It achieves this by not only giving you a City & Guilds Technical Qualification, but also the professional workplace skills needed by employers.

The benefits of studying TechBac include:

  • Recognised by leading employers as ensuring you’re ‘ready to work’
  • Makes your CV stand out with an impressive mix of technical skills and 24 key workplace  skills
  • Gives you real hands-on experience that will help you to feel ready for the world of work
  • Offers UCAS points at Level 3 for progression to university
  • Keeps your options open for further learning, university, employment or apprenticeships

Find out more about studying TechBac

Rhyce Merrifield  Learner at Preston’s College “After my TechBac course I would like to go to either university and do an HNC or an HND, or I would like to do an apprenticeship where I can get paid while I am learning at a big company such as BAE Systems or Olstam. I think I will be more than prepared to go into a job after the course and it has given me the confidence to do that.”
Rhyce Merrifield, learner at Preston’s College 

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Employers – why you should get involved 

TechBac shows our commitment to meeting employers’ needs. It’s been designed in close partnership with industry to place a real emphasis on employability.

TechBac is stamp of quality that says a young person has both the relevant technical skills and the key workplace  behaviours identified by employers.

This unique combination ensures that a TechBac graduate will be able to perform at work from day one.

Help shape the future of 14-19 education

There are still opportunities for employers to help with developing next phase of TechBac or to get involved in supporting our Technical Qualifications.

Find out more about TechBac and how you can get involved.

Adrian Berg   Project Manager, Balfour Beatty“The new style curriculum is very, very good, it’s an opportunity for young people to actually develop themselves, their communication skills, how they portray themselves….. The students so far have been absolutely fantastic.”
Adrian Berg, Project Manager, Balfour Beatty

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Bob Howlett  Director of Construction at South and City College Birmingham

Bob Howlett

Director of Construction at South and City College Birmingham, a TechBac pioneer  

‘The 14-19 reforms have really turned some of what we do in FE on its head because we no longer can just concentrate on technical qualifications. The employability has become core curriculum and TechBac really brings that into focus and it gives students a very seamless experience.’

Watch the full case study

Progression routes infographic

Progression routes

Why TechBac was developed

TechBac has been developed by City & Guilds, a global leader in skills-based education, to help young people to confidently make the transition from education to employment. It’s been designed to meet the needs of employers and a rapidly changing education landscape.

Meeting the employability challenge

Employers demand more than great technical skills from their young recruits. They want the right workplace attitudes, soft skills and behaviours that help them to perform at work from day one.

And, with the competition for jobs never greater, having something which helps young candidates stand out from the crowd is essential.

TechBac was developed following a lengthy consultation with education providers and employers, to uncover their needs and ensure young people are equipped with the skills for the future.

Meeting the 14-19 Reforms

The Department for Education (DfE) has brought in significant changes to vocational qualifications affecting providers of full-time 14-19 education in England.

There is also increasing pressure from Ofsted to track destinations, improve outcomes, increase employer engagement and adopt digital approaches.

TechBac has been designed to answer some of these challenges; a fresh approach for the new educational landscape.

Find out more about the 14-19 Reforms

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