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We can help ensure you have all the resources necessary to deliver the best possible experience to your learners.

If you are new to City & Guilds please read the information below

Step one is to see if you meet the following City & Guilds new centre criteria:

  • You have accessed and read the Supporting Customer Excellence Manual, making sure all the requirements from section ‘3.2 centre approval’ are understood and in place
  • You will have more than 100 learners within the first calendar year of becoming a City & Guilds Centre. Centres with fewer learners than this should work with an existing City & Guilds centre
  • You have all staff and resources in place at the point of application. Pricing and further information.

If you can answer yes to the above criteria then it looks like becoming a City & Guilds centre might be right for you.

Please complete the Customer Application form with as much information as possible to register your interest.

  • We'll be in touch within five days to talk you through the process and find out whether we think that being a City & Guilds centre is suitable for you. The decision of whether to progress your enquiry is at our discretion, if we decide not to progress your enquiry we will suggest alternative routes for you but there is no right of appeal. If we do decide to progress with your enquiry, you may need a pre-approval visit. We will then email login details to you to enable you to access the Centre Approval form and other forms necessary to support the approval process
  • You will then complete the forms thoroughly to ensure evidence of readiness and submit them online
  • Your local City & Guilds office will arrange a Qualification Consultant visit to support you with the application process
  • If your application is successful we will send you your centre number and centre approval certificate and you will be ready to go.

The approval process can take up to 30 working days from receipt of a completed application.

If you are a City & Guilds approved centre looking to offer more City & Guilds qualifications

Please complete the Qualification Approval Form. If you require more information about a qualification prior to applying, please complete the Customer Application form, with as much detail as possible. All forms must be submitted on line.

  • We'll be in touch within 3 days to discuss your enquiry or Qualification Approval form.
  • Depending upon the qualification chosen, your local City & Guilds office may arrange a Qualification Consultant visit to support you with the application process
  • If your qualification application is successful we'll send you confirmation and you're ready to go.

For further details on the approval process see the Supporting Customer Excellence Manual or the International Centre Manual.

Contact us about an application

Tell us what you would like to offer, when you want to start and how many learners and we'll help you get set up. 

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