Unit Warehouse

Unit Warehouse includes over 150 individual units. Rather than selecting full qualifications, you are able to choose individual units.

Unit selection means it is easier to deliver tailored personal programmes. It has been designed to be flexible, allowing you to maximise funding opportunities. If you are a current centre, then simply log on to Walled Garden and select the units that you want to offer.

What is the Unit Warehouse?

  • A range of 150 units, from Entry Level to Level 2, from over 30 qualifications
  • Free registration to create a candidate record
  • Certificate on successful unit completion
  • Option to nominate additional units.

What are the benefits?

  • All key units are in one place
  • Flexible delivery of units
  • Cost savings and no approval charges (subject to conditions)
  • No certification or registration fees (subject to conditions)
  • Each unit receives a certificate ensuring employer recognition and enhancing learner motivation
  • All units are fundable through the Skills Funding Agency and European Social Fund.

Claiming achievement for Work Ready Unit Warehouse

Free registration to create a candidate record, then results entry to claim achievement for the unit.

  • Results can only be claimed via Walled Garden by entering the system through Results Entry where approval for 9980-90 will appear as an option on the screen.
  • Once the approval has been located you can then proceed to enter the candidate details and place the order in the usual way.

How do I start using the Unit Warehouse? 

  • If you are a current City & Guilds approved centre for 5546 then you are automatically approved (subject to conditions).
  • If you are a new centre and would like to start offering the unit warehouse, email workready@cityandguilds.com.

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