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Current SASE Apprenticeship Frameworks Funding

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Apprenticeship Framework Funding is distributed via the Skills Funding Agency as part of their annual allocation to both FE Colleges and private training providers.

Government Contributions to Framework Apprenticeships

Employers are expected to contribute to the funding of apprenticeship frameworks and the contribution is based on the age of the apprentice. The table below shows the government funding contribution to the costs of the apprenticeship.

 Provision 16-18 19-23 24+
 Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship  100% full funding        50% funding             40% funding    
 Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship  100%  50% funding  40% funding
 Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship    50% funding  40% funding


So, an employer is expected to contribute the following funds towards an apprenticeship:

  • no costs for Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships if the apprentice is aged 16-18
  • 50% of the training costs if the apprentice is aged 19-23
  • 60% of the training costs if the apprentice is 24+

Each Apprenticeship framework has a funding base rate for the knowledge and competency aspects of the framework that can be found on the SFA Hub, Learning Aim Reference Service (LARS).

In addition, there is often a requirement to deliver maths and English, and sometime ICT as part of the framework and funding is also drawn down for these aspects of the framework as well. An example of what a framework might look like and the potential funding according to age is in this table (PDF 140KB).

As well as the funding base rate for the vocational aspect of the framework, there are also various uplifts which education providers can claim.
The SFA website offers further in-depth guidance on funding rules, and rates and uplift formula on the following links:

There are 228 frameworks available as of May 2015. They can be found on the Federation for Industry sector Skills & Standards website. Each framework informs you of what the apprenticeship requires in the way of delivery, maths and English requirements and how long the apprenticeship should last.


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