What is SmartScreen?

SmartScreen is a tutor and learner support website, set up by City & Guilds to support learners, tutors and assessors by providing specific support materials for City & Guilds' qualifications.

To access the site you will need to subscribe – this will give you unlimited access to the learner and tutor materials available for your qualification (with the exception of SmartScreen packages with high levels of eLearning content such as TAQA or Employability).

We are developing new materials all the time and increasing the range of qualifications that will be supported on SmartScreen.

New hosting platform

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a City & Guilds new hosting platform for all of our SmartScreen online learning resource packages. 

If you’re already a registered user, your current usernames and passwords will still work, and you will continue to visit the same place to access the materials you have active subscriptions for – at 

What will be different? The look, layout and structure will be a little different, but we’re confident that you’ll find it much easier and quicker to use. 

Why are we changing the platform? There are several reasons, but essentially, it’s to make sure that you have an improved experience, both now and in the future. The key reasons are:

  • An improved navigation structure and design makes it simpler and faster for you and your learners to access the resources, saving you both valuable time. 
  • The new platform allows easy access to dynamic e-learning resources as they become available in the future, removing the need to access multiple systems. 
  • It will offer you the flexibility to access reports and data about your learners in a few simple clicks; saving the time and energy associated with having to contact us to obtain this information. 
  • Community Subject Forums are similar to the qualification forums but have been expanded to cover subject sectors, rather than individual qualifications. This expanded coverage will allow for wider input and collaboration between professionals in each discipline. 
  • City & Guilds will now be able to broadcast relevant qualification and learning support information using the new SmartScreen platform, so that you are updated on all the latest developments in your areas of interest.

We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about the new SmartScreen platform.

For information on how to buy SmartScreen on the Walled Garden, please have a look at the SmartScreen Ordering Guide (PDF, 80kb).

Once you have purchased your subscription via the Walled Garden you will receive an email containing a self registration guide and unique centre passwords.

Visit our SmartScreen help page to download the SmartScreen self-registration process document.

Visit our SmartScreen Apprenticeship Extra page to find out more about the apprenticeship packages we support.

Visit for more information or contact us.

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