Forget June-December exam cycles, save time and money, and receive instant feedback and exam results.

With e-volve you can:

  • Set tests whenever is most convenient for you and your learners 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Conduct tests anywhere
  • Receive performance feedback within seconds and certificates within days
  • Reduce administration and paperwork - no storing, couriering or marking of papers
  • Download and deliver tests without the need for a permanent internet connection
  • Test just one or many learners anywhere using laptops to enable individuals to progress in their own time.

Benefits of using e-volve:

  • It's safe and secure
    Each exam is protected with a unique keycode, and different questions are presented to each learner. There are several levels of security built into the system to prevent manipulation of results or access to the database.
  • It's mainly web-based
    Allowing access from any Internet connection and reducing the support required from your IT function.
  • It can be used anywhere in the world, online or offline
    You are not dependent on a fast Internet connection, and you can take the test to the learner anywhere.
  • Quick and easy installation and FREE support
    Being mainly web-based, the system requires minimal software installation. Should you require support, our own Technical Team is available to help.
  • Automatic updates with no system downtime
    Updates are applied automatically and quickly when the software launches.
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