City and Guilds e-volve

e-volve is a web-based assessment tool for centres, so you can administer your exam delivery easily and efficiently.

You can conduct exams anywhere at anytime and receive instant performance feedback and generate certificates and you benefit from reduced administration anywhere using your laptop / PC, which also allows you to deliver exams without the need of a permanent internet connection.

It is safe and secure, which offers learners each exam with a unique key code and prevents manipulation by displaying different questions to each learner.

We also offer the e-volve centre analytics suite, this is a new free service and will help you get the most out of e-volve, through significant reporting and analysis enhancements. You can find out more information by visiting our dedicated e-volve centre analytics page.


  1. Instant performance feedback
  2. Reduced administration
  3. Unique code provided with each exam
  4. It's mainly web-based so you can log on anywhere in the world, online or offline
  5. e-volve is quick and easy to install with free support included.

What next?

Interested in applying for e-volve? Submit your e-volve online application form to us today and we can have your account set up within seven days.

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e-volve centre analytics

Our e-volve analytics helps you manage, analyse, and give feedback on all your learner's Functional Skills tests through e-volve.

SecureAssess Central

The following documents are addressed to technical staff, or staff in charge of installing the software:

SecureAssess Minimum technical requirements (PDF)

SecureClient Installation Guide (PDF)

> Magnifying SecureAssess for the visually impaired (PDF)

User Guides and Q&As

The following user guides are designed for all system users and they provide you all the information you need to use e-volve.

> quick reference (PDF)

> e-volve system user FAQs (PDF)

> e-volve centre user guide (PDF)

> Walled Garden - results reports (PDF)