Caribbean and the Americas

Our history in the region

For over 80 years, City & Guilds has been offering vocational training products and services in the Caribbean and the Americas.

Since then, we have established a network of 60 centres in 10 countries throughout the region, with most recently opening an office in Barbados in 2011.

What do we do in Caribbean and the Americas?

Today we offer a portfolio of internationally recognised qualifications and services to our customers in the Caribbean and the Americas.

These include specific qualifications in technical, vocational, leadership and management areas.

Our qualifications and services help to create an engaged and qualified workforce and have a positive impact on regional economies.

One example of this impact is our work with governments to offer Maths & English skills for secondary school leavers. This has created employment and educational prospects for young people across the region.

Who works with us in Caribbean and the Americas?

We work with regional governments, educational providers and employers providing skills that help local societies and economies to develop.

Governments: We have worked with the following governments in the region to offer City & Guilds qualifications in post-secondary and tertiary education, establish these qualifications as minimum vocational standards in a range of industries, and also support high school leavers to sit exams in order to gain our Maths & English qualifications as part of the Career Advancement Programme (CAP):

  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Jamaica
  • Bermuda
Education providers and centres: We have worked with the following educational providers and centres, who provide a number of our internationally recognised qualifications to local learners.
  • Caribbean Maritime Institute, Jamaica
  • Trinizuela Technical and Vocational College, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Kenson School of Production Technology, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Advantage Caribbean Institute, Barbados
Employers: We have worked with a number of employers in the region, providing educational solutions to train and certify their staff. Among others, we cooperated with the following companies:
  • BP Trinidad and Tobago, energy company
  • Score Valves, Trinidad & Tobago, supplier to energy companies
  • A number of private security companies in Jamaica, St Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago

What products and services do we offer in Caribbean and the Americas?

We offer a range of regionally relevant products and services to help address local skills gaps. Our qualifications cover 11 sectors and categories most relevant to the region.  Our services, specifically accreditation, which we offer to employers to ensure that their in-house training courses meet international standards.

Our products

We offer a wide range of qualifications through our centres. These include our Single Subject qualifications enabling learners to acquire skills in a combined range of single subjects to meet their specific development needs.

Our services

We provide our services to regional governments who wish to improve their citizens’ skills and to educational institutions striving for excellence in teaching. We also help employers to offer training programmes that meet strict international standards.

For governments: We offer our services to governments who want to create a skilled workforce, in order to provide their citizens with job and educational opportunities. Our services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Embedding qualifications into the national curriculum
  • Setting up Technical Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) systems
  • Designing and developing qualification frameworks
  • Designing and developing occupational standards

For educational institutions: Our services for educational institutions and centres are designed to help improve the quality of teaching, efficiency of delivery and to build their business:
  • Assessment and certification services
  • Course materials and administration tools
  • Quality, sales and business development
  • Customer Service
For employers: Our accreditation service is available to employers wishing to ensure that their in-house training courses meet strict international standards and provide their staff with relevant skills.

Our new suites of internationally recognised qualifications

We supply qualifications especially suited for use across the globe:

> Work Ready skills for the workplace
> Engineering
> Hospitality & Catering
> Hair & Beauty
> Maths & English

Our teaching and learning materials

Our learning resource website offering unit specific support materials.
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Learning Assistant
An e-portfolio helping you deliver more effective and profitable vocational qualifications.
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Find your local office

Trinidad & Tobago
Sue Carlton

T: +1 868 673 6378

Jamaica and the rest of the region
Marva Duncanson
City & Guilds Jamaica Rep Office
Lee Gore Business Centre - Unit #15
31 Upper Waterloo Rd
Kingston 10,  Jamaica

T: +1 876-924-7804/  876-924-7808
Telefax:  +1 876-924-7950

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