24+ Advanced Learning Loan (19+ Loans from August 2016)

24+ Advanced Learning loans have been available since 2013 for any learner over the age of 24, wishing to study a qualification at level 3 or 4.

From August 2016, this all changes!

What are the changes?

From 1st August 2016, Advanced or Adult Learning Loans, will be available to all learners aged 19+, and the Government have extended the type of qualification they can get a loan for up to level 6.

This includes;

  • Certificates from level 3 to level 6
  • Diplomas from level 3 to level 6
  • A and AS Levels
  • Tech Levels

So, from 1st August 2016, the age at which a person can apply for an FE loan lowers from 24 to 19, but interested learners will be able to apply for a 19+ Advanced Learning Loan from May 2016, although they will not be able to start the qualification until after 1st August 2016.

This specialist area of the City and Guilds website will offer up to date information and support to centres interested in supporting learners to access a loan, and to learners interested in taking out a loan to improve their career opportunities.

We have included specific pages for both learners and training providers interested in 19+ Advanced Learning Loans (formerly 24+ Loans) on the links below.  

Which City and Guilds Qualifications are approved for funding by a Loan?

On the following link, you can find the City and Guilds 19+ Advanced Learner Loan Prospectus. This shows which of our qualifications the government has approved for loan funding. We have included it as a spreadsheet so you can search by sector, level of qualification and type of qualification.

This list will be updated regularly as we add new qualifications to the prospectus.

City and Guilds 19+ Advanced Learner Loan Prospectus

19+ Advanced Learning Loans Page - For Learners

If you are over the age of 19 and want to find out more about how taking out a 19+ Loan could help you, visit our specialist webpage for learners here - 19+ Loans for Learners page.

19+ Advanced Learning Loans Page - For Centres

If you are working at a centre and want to find out how 19+ Loans could help your learners and students, visit our 19+ for Centres page.

Advanced Learner Loans

Advanced Learner Loans will replace the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. They will be available to everyone aged 19+.

Want to find out more?

Learning Provider Services

Factsheets on key areas of Advanced Learning Loans, including eligibility, the application process, and learning aim levels and types.

National Careers Services

Advanced Learner Loans will replace 24+ Advanced Learning Loans, expanding their remit to everyone aged 19+. Find out how to apply and view case studies.


SFA: Advanced Learner Loans. Operational and policy information for colleges, training organisations and employers.