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How to Replace or Amend Your Certificate

If your replacement certificate request is within one calendar month since the date your certificate was issued, please contact your centre and they will request the replacement and any requested amendments on your behalf.

If it is more than one calendar month since the date your certificate was issued, please submit a request using our online application and payment form. If you need to have your certificate amended as part of the replacement, please upload scanned colour copies of the below to your application:

  • Copies of your original certificates
  • One of either an in date Passport or an in date Driving Licence
  • Deed Poll
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate and or devoice papers
  • And an official letter such as a bank statement, pay slip, doctors letter etc.

If you are requesting a replacement certificate, verification/confirmation or comparison, and you are not the learner, you will need to provide a consent letter signed by the learner stating that they agree to the release of their qualification information, before your application will be processed.

You can request an archive search through the online form here >

It costs £44.00 for a search of our archive records and is non-refundable whether or not the search is successful. The fee includes the replacement and amendment of the certificate requested.