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Become an independent end-point assessor

Be an independent end-point assessor

We’re recruiting for suitable, qualified people to become independent end-point assessors.

To maintain customers’ trust in our rigorous assessment, we want people with the right background and then we make sure we give them the training and support to do well:


If you’re competent in areas not listed here, please get in touch anyway as the apprenticeship standards we work in change over time and we’ll keep your details on file (for 36 months) and can contact you.

What is an independent end-point assessor Independent end-point assessors, or IEPAs, are responsible for assessing apprentices during end-point assessment (EPA) for apprenticeship standards in England. Watch our quick video to find out the role requirements and responsibilities of an IEPA and how they work with the lead independent end-point assessor.

Support for your training

We’ll provide introductory training sessions for all our new independent end-point assessors, giving you the structure, policy and procedures, and regulatory requirements.

We provide on-going help and support to all our assessors with updates, webinars and briefings. This will keep you up-to-date with quality assurance and qualification requirements.

As an independent end-point assessor, you’ll be contracted on an annual basis although it won't be possible to guarantee set amounts of work.

What we’re looking for

The role of our independent end-point assessors is to assess apprentices against industry-specific competences.

We want to hear from you if you:

  • Have no connections with the assessment centre and/or apprentice (to maintain objectivity)
  • Have current technical or occupational understanding in areas being assessed
  • Are fully conversant with the standards and criteria being assessed
  • Occupationally competent, hold a relevant occupational qualification above the level being assessed and have relevant occupational experience within the last two years
  • Have experience in interviewing techniques
  • Can work independently
  • Have good time management skills

Our independent end-point assessors are responsible for maintaining their own continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure competency is up-to-date, and in line with qualification requirements.

Task profiles

Apply now

To apply, complete all sections of:

Lead and Independent End-point Assessor: application form (DOCX, 101KB)

> CPD record form (DOCX, 70KB)

> Equal Opportunities: application form (DOCX, 43KB)

> Equal Opportunities: what's it got to do with you (PDF, 439KB)

  • CVs can be accepted with your application to highlight necessary requirements.
  • Your application must demonstrate your occupational expertise for each apprenticeship you are applying to assess.
  • Your application will be delayed and may be rejected if the correct occupational qualifications and/or experience are not listed.
  • Referees will be contacted via email as part of our shortlisting process.

If we have no vacancy for a role you’re interested in or your application is unsuccessful at first, we’ll keep your application on file for 36 months in case a suitable vacancy arises.

We don’t accept applications from training providers although individuals employed by, or working on a consultancy basis for, training providers are welcome to apply.

City & Guilds is approved to deliver independent end-point assessments across many new apprenticeship standards in England.