Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) troubleshooting

Here are a set of answers to some of the FAQs you have about EDI:

How can I check that my EDI file has been processed?
There is a Track EDI File option available to you from the Walled Garden. This will show you if your file has been completely processed by us, if it is awaiting processing or if there are any remaining errors. How to track your EDI files can be found within the EDI module training document (PDF, 567KB). You can see if your registrations and/or results have been processed by using the Candidate Listing by Award option.

My Walled Garden does not have the 'Download Enrolments/Results/Awards' option.
Please contact our On-Line services team and they will be able to give you access to this menu option. Call 0844 543 0000* or email online@cityandguilds.com and supply your centre number.

Where can I get the latest version of the Base Data?
Base Data can be downloaded from the Walled Garden within the Data services section. You'll have the choice of downloading all qualifications, all approved qualifications for your centre(s) or individual qualifications.  You can find guidance on how to download the base data in the EDI module training document (PDF, 567KB).

I have a candidate who has three different enrolment numbers. I'm not sure how to submit results for this candidate.
Forward all the enrolment numbers onto Customer Relations (tel 0844 543 0000* or email centresupport@cityandguilds.com) so that we can merge them. Then you can try and upload your results once the merge has taken place.

I put through an EDI file and an error came up for one of the candidates. Does this mean that the rest of the file has been processed?
No, when an error occurs, the whole file is rejected. You will need to correct the error/s; once this is done and the file is uploaded, a screen will come up with the message 'File Upload Completed Successfully'. You can find guidance on locating and correcting errors in the EDI module training document (PDF, 567KB).

I have tried importing several files which keep coming up with errors i.e. the person code is invalid, can you advise as to what the problem is?
You'll have to check the format of the file and see if this is correct (see file format specification page). If you are still having problems, email edi@cityandguilds.com.

I've uploaded an EDI file in error. Please can you delete it for me?
Please contact our Customer Relations team to get the file deleted. Contact them on 0844 543 0000* and quote your centre number along with the relevant EDI file name and batch number (this can be found within the Order Reports under Your Ref section).

When we tried to register candidates on the Walled Garden it gave the message 'Unavailable', yet it will allow us to register candidates on other awards.
Your centre does not have approval for that particular award. Please contact you local office to activate this. If it is activated within three days the file with automatically be processed, otherwise it will reject and will need to be resubmitted for processing.

On a particular scheme within the Base Data there are several different papers, yet they don't all appear active for entry.
Depending on the scheme the only components that might show are the dated entries. This is because you have to specify a processing period. The other components you will not have to register for.

When we process our dated entries via EDI the ethnicity comes back incorrect. We submit a particular ethnicity but a different one comes back on our order confirmations. We have checked our data back to the government legislation and it is correct.
Ethnicity codes are determined by your MIS system. All of our ethnicity codes are in line with the DFE and QCA. You will need to contact your MIS supplier to let them know their ethnicity codes are incorrect. They will then send you an updated version of these codes.

When uploading my file I receive error messages along with record numbers. I have so many records on my file that it is very difficult to find these.
There is a simple way to find the record number in your EDI file just by using notepad. You can find guidance on how to locate errors in your file in the EDI module training document (PDF, 567KB).

On the track EDI files option, my file has been at the amber status for more than 24 hours. Is there a problem?
Files are not expected to remain at amber for more than 24 hours, those that do remain at amber status will automatically be looked at by us. But if you would like to report a file stuck at amber status then contact edi@cityandguilds.com.

On the track EDI file option, my file is at a red status and says there are errors on the file. What can I do to get this processed?
When you successfully upload an EDI file, there are a few errors that can still occur with the data. Any files that show a red status are automatically dealt with and corrected appropriately by a dedicated team - you may be contacted if necessary. You are not expected to make changes, but if the file does remain at a red status for more than 48 hours then please contact edi@cityandguilds.com

*Calls to our 0844 numbers cost 5 pence per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge.

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