How to set up and use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

In order for you to be able to submit entries to us electronically via EDI you will need to find out what Management Information System (MIS) you are using.

If you do not know, then please contact your IT department and ask them. If you do already use an MIS system, please forward the Base Data to them, so that you can start using EDI. If your centre does not use one, then your IT department will be able to create their own.

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Once you have imported your Base Data you will be able to create EDI files.

Below are PDF documents that will explain how to upload EDI files through the Walled Garden once they have been created. Also there is a file specification to identify the format of each file and an explanation of each form layout to show what types of forms can be created from your Base Data.

EDI module (PDF, 564KB)
> EDI formats specification (PDF, 106KB)

Downloading Enrolment, Results and Awards files
If you require your files to be imported back into your system, then you can use the 'Download Enrol/Results/Awards' drop down option from the Data Services section. For instructions on how to download these files have a look at the relevant section in the EDI module (PDF) training document.

The Return Files Specification document (PDF, 22KB) gives you the specification of these files.

EDI Upload Errors
The Walled Garden performs in depth validation of all EDI files that are uploaded, it checks centre, qualification and candidate details against the data currently in the system. The EDI troubleshooting page and the EDI module (PDF, 564KB) will give you more information on EDI errors and guidance on locating errors on you file, enabling you to correct and resubmit your EDI file.

We would like to hear what you think of the Walled Garden and EDI process. Are there any improvements you think would help your user experience? Do you believe it is a preferable process over paper based systems? Any general comments you may have will be valued. Please email us at

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