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Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and diversity

Delivering our purpose with more impact

City & Guilds is committed to improving inclusion and diversity within the way we work and how we deliver our purpose, which is to help people and organisations develop the skills they need for growth.

We are actively pursuing, implementing, and reviewing working practices that enable a diverse and inclusive business strategy and working environment that is truly representative and supportive of our colleagues, customers, and communities.

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We believe

We believe that differences should be respected and valued, and we continue to work towards a culture that enables colleagues and those we work with to be themselves, while also feeling supported to meet their full potential in the workplace and beyond. We know that building a diverse and inclusive workforce will result in highly engaged colleagues, improved service for our customers and greater impact of our purpose. 

This policy applies to our colleagues when we work and when we represent the organisation. Our clients, customers, partners, and suppliers will be made aware of this policy and are expected to operate within it. 

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Bringing our brand to life through values

We inspire you to raise and achieve your aspirations;

We help individuals and organisations improve their performance and productivity;

We assess and recognise what you have achieved, making it visible to you and your employers;

We make trustworthy and honest assessments of your competences and the areas to focus on.

Our data

We believe in being driven by data and research that is communicated in an meaningful and engaging way. Read our summary pay gap reports on Gender and Ethnicity to understand the insights we see and actions we are taking.

gender pay gap cover

Our mean pay gap has reduced by some 6.7 percentage points (pp) from 16.3% to 9.6% since 2019. Taken from City & Guilds 2021 gender pay gap report (effective April 2020).

View our gender pay gap summary report

ethnicity pay gap cover

Our mean pay gap is 5.2% when employees from all ethnic minorities are grouped together. However this aggregated figure masks significant variance between ethnic groups. Our Asian employees earn on average 9.2% more than our white employees, whereas our black employees earn 20.5% less and our employees of mixed ethnicity 14.2% less. Taken from City & Guilds 2021 gender pay gap report (effective April 2020).

View our ethnicity pay gap summary report

Our targets

  1. Addressing equality of opportunity for our colleagues
    Making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to grow;
  2. Creating an inclusive culture
    Making sure that everyone feels they can belong and deliver their best work;
  3. Embedding inclusion and diversity in our organisation
    We will do this through actions that create long-term sustainable change, that improve products and services and the way we work;
  4. Addressing diversity through data
    Taking action to highlight and address gaps in data and diversity/representation.

Our Employee Community Support Groups

Community support groups are colleague-led and designed to be safe spaces for anyone to join, share and discuss things they experience, notice, or want to change that are specific to that group’s experience. Our groups decide how frequently they meet and any agenda topics for each meeting, we only ask that the conversations and colleagues within any of our groups are treated with confidentiality and respect.

Our groups have I&D champions either leading or as part of the support groups so that any actions that need to be addressed, can be actioned within the I&D champion network meetings. 

Our groups include:

  • Women’s Network
  • Racial Equality Community Support Group
  • LGBTQ+ Community Support Group
  • Disability Community Support Group
  • M-Powered Menopause Community Support Group
  • Men’s Network
  • Multi-Faith Community Support Group