End-point assessment service

Our end-point assessment service

We deliver EPA across a broad range of apprenticeship standards with support for providers, employers and apprentices

At City & Guilds, we put customer success at the heart of apprenticeships, and with 145 years of working in education and with industry partners, we're a trusted leader in end-point assessment (EPA) services. 

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From engineering and construction to leadership and management, we offer EPA across a broad range of apprenticeship standards.

Learn more about our EPA service, and how we can support you and your apprentices with everything from assessment preparation to results.

goals icon 1Flexible and timely EPA service

We pride ourselves on our flexible and swift turnaround times* for end-point assessment bookings. These include:

  • 24-hour gateway review
  • 10-day average for ESFA certificate claims
  • 7 working days for results issuing, after completion of the final assessment component
  • Dedicated EPA Partnership Managers on hand to support with the process

*Timescales based on average turnaround times for our EPA service. Some timescales may change depending on the standard.

technology iconAccess to planning and support resources in EPA Pro

Our streamlined apprenticeship administration platform simplifies and supports the entire EPA journey, from registration to evidence upload, assessment booking, results and certification. EPA Pro gives providers more control and visibility of EPAs for better outcomes.

Already an existing customer? Login to EPA Pro.

people iconPersonal and technical apprenticeship support

Our EPA support teams are here to guide you through the apprenticeship process every step of the way. Our support team includes technical advisors, EPA partnership managers, digital solutions managers, and customer support staff working closely together to provide apprenticeship solutions and support. We offer:

  • One-on-one guidance from technical advisors who are subject matter experts
  • Ongoing support from your dedicated EPA partnership manager
  • Digital tools and troubleshooting from our digital solutions managers
  • Friendly and responsive assistance from our customer support teams

time measurement iconClear booking lead times for EPA

We are here to support you with your EPA event bookings. Across the many standards we work with you on, there are some variations in the booking lead times. These are clearly documented in our quick guide to EPA booking lead times.

Download the guide

goals icon 2 Meaningful feedback for all grade outcomes

For all end-point assessments we have meaningful feedback for all grade outcomes. Our approach is to ensure that we are providing you with valid, reliable and consistent information that you and your apprentices need to enable continuous improvement for the next step in their learning journey.

Our independent end-point assessors (IEPAs) will supply structured feedback that covers the KSBs for each standard to show where and why learning aims have or have not been achieved.

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