End-point assessment service

Our end-point assessment service

We put customer success at the heart of apprenticeships, and with 140 years of working in education and with industry partners, we're a trusted leader in end-point assessment (EPA) services.

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From hairdressing to healthcare to hospitality, we deliver EPA across a broad range of apprenticeship standards with unrivalled support and assessment preparation for you and your apprentices. To get your apprentice on the path to EPA success we offer our e-portfolio solutions including, Learning Assistant, PIVOT and Get-to-Gateway.

New 8 Stage Journey in EPA Pro

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Download the 8-step guide

EPA timelines – from gateway to results

We are always listening to customer feedback and continually evolving our service to meet customer needs.

Our commitment is to ensure that providers and apprentices can proceed through to End-point assessment as quickly as possible, as well as being responsive to preferred dates and times.

Our improved service, utilising EPA Pro, means that the average timescale from the planning meeting to the EPA event has improved significantly – with the average time now 3-4 weeks to complete.

Please view our graphic below that outlines the indicative timings for each stage of the journey.

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EPA Pro is our new EPA service delivery platform bringing the end-to-end EPA journey, from registration to results, all into one place.

Top three benefits of EPA Pro

  1. Simplified and streamlined – We've simplified all aspects of EPA delivery from registration to evidence upload and exam booking through to results and certification, reducing the administration and allowing you to reach EPA success sooner..
  2. Clarity and control – The end-to-end journey is made clearer for you and your apprentices. with real-time information sharing, two-way planning meetings and speedy results and action planning, you're more in control of EPA than ever.
  3. Fully supported – EPA Pro centralises your EPA support from City & Guilds and ILM, giving you a single platform where we help manage and improve your EPA experience.

Key features

  • Single sign on – You only need to access one system, saving time and reducing the admin burden of EPA.
  • EPA journey mapping – Maps the entire apprenticeship journey with a calendar of events and apprentice profiles showing progress for greater clarity.
  • Simplified gateway submissions – Evidence requirements are clearly mapped to each standard speeding up gateway acceptance.
  • EPA component scheduling – Assessment components are booked via a virtual, planning meeting that allows everyone to discuss and agree the key dates upfront.
  • Reporting and analytics – Comprehensive data and user dashboards give visibility of cohort progress and enable you to report on key success measures.
  • Virtual IEPA meeting – A virtual planning meeting means apprentices meet the assessor (IEPA) before the event, reducing nerves and improving confidence.
  • Packed with support – Role-specific support resources including, checklists, exemplar materials help increase your assessment success.
  • Instant results and feedback – Results at component level are visible as soon as they are approved and you can download and print your statement of achievement straight away.
  • Defined next steps – With faster results, you can celebrate success sooner of gain meaningful feedback and guidance on the next steps and actions needed to progress.
  • Digital Credentials – We’re also now issuing digital credentials to all apprentices who are successful in their EPA. Learn more on our dedicated page.

Key stages of the EPA Pro journey – view our step by step guides

From getting started and set up with EPA Pro, to navigating gateway and progressing with assessment, we have produced a series of recorded presentations to support your understanding of each stage.

You can view the recordings and slides here;

Getting started with EPA Pro – Watch the recording | Download the slides

Submitting gateway and the planning meeting – Watch the recording | Download the slides

EPA Assessment evidence and results – Watch the recording | Download the slides

Support surgery webinars in March and April 2021

We are running a series of support surgeries in March and April to assist you with any questions you have on your migration - across the various stages of setting up, submitting gateway evidence, assessment evidence and the planning meeting.

Feel free to sign up to any of the sessions below and we will be happy to run through any queries you may have.

Getting Started on EPA Pro

Submitting Gateway Evidence and the Planning Meeting

Assessment Evidence and Reporting

EPA Pro Open Q&A Session

Tuesday 9 March, 11.30am

Thursday 11 March, 11.30am

Tuesday 16 March, 11.30am

Thursday 18 March, 11.00am

Tuesday 23 March, 11.30am

Thursday 25 March, 11.30am

Tuesday 30 March, 11.30am

Thursday 1 April, 11.30am

Tuesday 6 April, 11.30am

Thursday 8 April, 11.30am

Tuesday 13 April, 11.30am

Thursday 1 April, 11.30am

Tuesday 20 April, 11.30am

Thursday 22 April, 11.30am

Tuesday 27 April, 11.30am

Thursday 29 April, 11.30am


Support surgery webinars in May, June and July 2021

We are running a series of support surgeries in May, June and July to assist you with any questions you have on your migration.

Feel free to sign up to any of the sessions below and we will be happy to run through any queries you may have.

EPA Pro Full Demonstration

EPA Pro General Support

Tuesday 11 May, 11.30am

Tuesday 18 May, 11.30am

Tuesday 25 May, 11.30am

Tuesday 1 June, 11.30am

Tuesday 8 June, 11.30am

Tuesday 15 June, 11.30am

Tuesday 22 June, 11.30am

Tuesday 29 June, 10.30am

Tuesday 6 July 11.00am

Tuesday 13 July, 11.00am

Tuesday 20 July, 11.00am

Tuesday 27 July, 11.00am


If you want to talk about EPA with us in more detail please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.