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Green Skills and Sustainability

Green Skills and Sustainability

The transition away from carbon to full sustainability by 2050 is essential for the future of our society. The collective responsibility is now understood and can be seen in how momentum has been gaining traction across the globe. It is recognised that training providers, employers and learners all have a role to play. The skills system is already changing as a result.

The skills system

The changes required to build thriving sustainable economies are substantial with some jobs reducing, others increasing, and new jobs being created. We will be developing skills to create a more sustainable world

What is available

New qualifications are in development to go live from September 2022, and a range of Environmental Awareness and Sustainability funded units and short qualifications are available now. In addition a wide range of our qualifications have sustainability units embedded into them.

Qualifications live in 2022

Qualifications available now

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Our organisation

We have committed to being a Net Zero carbon organisation by 2040, several of our businesses meet ISO14001 standards and we have seen some carbon reductions from the actions we have taken. There is still a long way to go. Whether that is delivering carbon literacy training across our employees or embedding environmental considerations into our decision-making – our Net Zero pathway will be mapped out clearly, aligned to science-based targets, and our progress will be transparent.