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Exams and administration

Exams and administration

Our extensive exams and admin section is full of information for you to keep up to date with a wide range of our services, including  Walled Garden, Personal Learner Records and Qualification pricing.

This section contains helpful information on:

Remote Invigilation

Our remote invigilation service allows assessments on our E-volve platform to be taken from home or the workplace, removing the need to travel to a test centre, and lowering costs for both centres and candidates.

Find out more about our Remote Invigilation service

Walled Garden data services

The Walled Garden and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) are now the preferred methods of data entry for many of our centres. They're quick, secure and reliable ways of doing all your admin and they can save you money too.

Find out more about the Walled Garden data services

Minimum threshold

To deliver the right quality of service and outcomes to our centres and learners, a minimum amount of resources and activity must be allocated to manage each individual approved centre.

Find out more about minimum threshold

Personal Learner Records (PLR)

City & Guilds have committed to providing learner achievement for all City & Guilds learners to the PLR. The data transfer process happens weekly.

Find out more on our dedicated PLR FAQs page