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What products and services do we offer?

In the Pacific region, we offer 80 vocational qualifications, covering 12 sectors that lead to 16 roles for learners. Additionally, we offer a bespoke consulting service to governments and educational providers, as well as accreditation for training centres and businesses.

Our dedicated team supports local centres, agencies, employers and learners, offering qualifications tailored to the specific skills gaps in each country.

Our products

Our vocational qualifications are designed for everyone, from individuals entering the job market, to experienced employees who want to acquire new skills.

Industry sectors covered by our qualifications:

    Our services

    Educational Institutions: We provide a range of services which include:

    • Improving the quality of teaching and learning through quality assessments and tools
    • Improving science and maths teaching by working directly with centres
    • Improving learners’ English skills by working directly with centres
    • Sales and business development 

    Governments: We work with governments who wish to help their nationals gain employment or improve their skill set. These services include:

    • Implementing educational reform
    • Setting up Technical Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) systems
    • Designing and developing qualification frameworks
    • Designing and developing occupational standards

    Employers: We offer accreditation for business’ in-house training programs. We also offer additional consultancy services that work in tandem with our training programmes to ensure that employees are supported to gain the skills they need.

    Who works with us?

    We work with education providers, training centres and governments to help improve skills training in the Pacific region.

    Education providers and centres: We have worked with the following providers and centres to offer our courses and training to learners:

    • Government Polytechnics and Institute of Technology
    • University
    • Private Training Providers
    • Dedicated Australian Private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

    Governments:  We work with local government agencies across the Pacific region to address local skills gaps and vocational challenges.

    • The New Zealand Government
    • The Australian Government
    • The Cook Island Government
    • The Papua New Guinea Government

    Employers:  We work with regional businesses to provide accreditation to their in-house training programs. This service gives independent verification that training within a business meets internationally recognised standards, increasing course uptake by employees.

    • Coffee Sector
    • New Zealand’s Largest Hospitality employer, Sky City, through the Sky City Apprenticeship in Cookery.

    Why should you choose us?

    City & Guilds is the leading qualifications provider for the Pacific region and the work we do with our customers provides a range of benefits and opportunities.

    Benefits for centres

    Our qualifications are recognised globally: Global recognition attracts learners. Being associated with City & Guilds means a centre is offering internationally renowned qualifications that meet our strict quality benchmarks.

    We offer comprehensive support: We provide support to centres that offer our qualifications. Our support covers processes, teaching and administrative tools and direct face to face contact.

    Learn more about what we offer centres 

    Assisting governments

    We help Governments improve national standards of vocational education: We work with Governments across the Pacific to embed our qualifications into their national curricula. This work helps establish uniform standards in vocational education across the world.

    We help Governments create a skilled workforce, boosting economic growth: Embedding our qualifications into national education systems also helps governments to create a highly qualified workforce benefitting people, organisations and local economies.

    Learn more about what we offer governments

    Benefits for employers

    We help businesses by creating high-quality, capable candidates: Great candidates bring great results. Employers can secure the skills they need to improve business performance by hiring City & Guilds qualified candidates.

    City & Guilds candidates will fit the position: Our graduates have been rigorously tested on their knowledge of the specific vocational skills courses they qualify in. And, as our qualifications are internationally recognised, employers can recruit from abroad, confident that our vocational trainees will fit the roles that need to be filled.

    Learn more about what we offer employers

    Global opportunities for learners

    Our qualifications - a path to jobs: To be able to offer job-ready qualifications, we have worked with employers, universities and professional bodies to create a job-focussed, current and innovative portfolio.

    As a result, our qualifications are recognised by companies, higher education institutions and governments in a wide range of countries, giving graduates the best chance of success in the Pacific region or globally.

    Our offering across the Pacific region aims to address the current skills gap in vocational education in the region by aiding governments, education providers and training centres to offer effective training in hospitality, catering, construction and supervisor training.

    Our commitment to working in collaboration with these organisations and to technological advancement in education is helping to revolutionise training in these areas. For more information on training in the Pacific region, please visit the links below.


    Our case studies

    We are proud of our inspiring case studies from the Pacific region.

    view case studies and videos

    We are proud of our history in the region

    City & Guilds began working in the Pacific area 30 years ago, developing catering training initiatives for the New Zealand Army and later working with Government Training Institutes across New Zealand. In 2012, we established our first Pacific office in Hawkes Bay.

    Since then, we have expanded throughout the region and now offer internationally-recognised qualifications.

    • Australia
    • Cook Islands
    • New Zealand
    • Papua New Guinea

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    Find out more

    Our office in the region:

    Suite 109, Level One
    21 Browning Street
    Napier 4110
    New Zealand
    T: +64 (0) 6 280 5291

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    Training needs

    Currently, the Pacific region is experiencing a skills shortage in hospitality, catering and construction as well as a shortage of trained supervisors.

    To address this issue, City & Guilds Pacific has developed and enhanced relevant vocational courses via all New Zealand governmentally-owned Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) and a range of Private Training Establishments (PTEs).

    An example of this is our cookery training programme. Having identified the need for trained chefs in the Pacific, we enhanced our courses to meet the specific need of the region. As a result, we now provide approx. 70% of cookery graduate qualifications.


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