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Digital credentials

People and organisations can grow more effectively when all skills are visible

City & Guilds are now able to help you see all skills, through driving the adoption of digital credentials to close the gap between the skills employers’ need and the skills they can see.

Take control of framing, capturing and communicating the skills of students, staff, employees and those groups you work with i.e. employers, so they can finally be seen for who they really are and who they could be, better connecting them to opportunities and growing their careers and your business along the way.

Join thousands of organisations who are already using digital credentials to revolutionise how they see skills.

digital credentials

Build trust and confidence into all achievements and skills – Large and small

Existing systems and traditions make it hard to provide trusted evidence of achievements and prevent employers from seeing the human skills that are increasingly important in the workplace. Digital credentials create a lifelong richer picture of an individual's achievements and skills, all backed by evidence.

Help individuals stand out from the crowd and get the recognition they deserve for all their skills development and career progression.

Digital Credentials = Shareable Skills

The agile, responsive and trackable world of shareable skills.

A world where objective statements of an individual's learning, development and career progression can now be easily framed, captured and communicated, with trust.

Digital credentials allow us to finally recognise and communicate all skills in a single consistent way. Using the open badge standard, a universal format that creates data-rich credentials for anyone to validate, quickly and easily.

City and Guilds & Digitalme = Human Skills

Whether you're looking to digitise certifications from HE to entry level programmes and license to practice so they are instantly shareable online, or want to create a more reliable record of behaviours, CPD and human skills such as teamwork, problem solving and communication we can help you use digital credentialing to grow careers and your business.

Why work with City & Guilds for Digital Credentialing?

  • Take control of setting the skills employers want to see
  • Easily work into existing workflows and systems (e.g. your LMS)
  • Portable and shareable across the web
  • Build real confidence and differentiation into a CV
  • Help promote and market your learning and development offering
  • Track how your credentials are seen and shared
  • Keep a relationship with earner beyond the point of issue
  • Boost the online visibility of the impact your organisation has made

Whether you need to see all relevant skills in your current and future workforce, or want to supply individuals to the workforce with the skills employers demand, City & Guilds & Digitalme, A City & Guilds Group Business, has a range of services to help you realise the potential and make all skills visible.

Workplace Skills

The City & Guilds Workplace Skills platform Skills Zone.

Skills Zone acknowledges learners’ work-ready characteristics in the form of digital credentials. There are two levels of badges that learners can achieve: Work Ready and Expert. These digital credentials can be exported or included in the MyCV feature on the platform and displayed on the learner’s LinkedIn profile.

World Chefs

The World's First Global Culinary Certification. A new global benchmark for the culinary industry, designed by Worldchefs with Digitalme support with the platform to issue the badges.

Digital Credentials have brought an important global transferable element to this programme, which is key given how much chefs move around the world and is a response to the need for a globally recognised qualification.

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Employability Practitioner CPD Academy

Why not give digital credentials a go yourself and with your organisation.

City & Guilds is proud to announce a new CPD academy for those wanting to showcase their understanding of how to embed employability in the Further Education sector. City & Guilds have built this free resource with the Open Badge Academy (OBA).

The Employability Practitioner CPD Academy is supported through digital credentials and aligned to the recent ‘Learning to be employable’ report produced by Bill Lucas with City & Guilds.

The 4 credentials, Engage, Embark, Embed and Excel, total 19 hours of CPD, and are ideal for those who wish to gain professional recognition for cultivating the employability skills of the students they work with.

Visit here to start your development.