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Digital credentials

Digital credentials

Support your learners to easily share skills and achievements online with digital badges

In today’s skills-based world, showcasing skills is important to give learners a competitive edge, support with career progression and surface skills within organisations.

We offer digital credentials for the majority of our qualifications and programmes helping individuals to share and validate their skills online, anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are a training provider or college looking to help your learners share their achievements, or an employer looking to enhance your in-house training programme, City & Guilds digital credentials can open opportunities for you.

What are digital credentials?

Digital credentials are a visual representation of an individual's skills that provide a convenient way to easily capture and share accomplishments and abilities online with professional networks and potential employers.

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Hosted on our secure digital credentials platform, these digital credentials provide accessible, data rich information about the knowledge, skills and behaviours demonstrated throughout the learning journey.

Benefits of digital credentials

Three reasons to issue digital credentials to your learners:

  1. A CV for life
    Digital credentials are compliant with the Open Badge standard, which means they can be collected and shared to help learners amplify individual accomplishments in a easily accessible way.
  2. An easy and verifiable way to celebrate achievements
    Digital credentials are easy to share to social media platforms, add to LinkedIn profiles and embed in an email or on a webpage.
  3. Remove the need for printing and mailing paper certificates
    Digital credentials are portable, shareable, embeddable, and always available to showcase skills and accomplishments online.

Get started with digital credentials

We offer digital credentials for many of our products and services, including:

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For existing customers visit the Digital credentials support hub for guidance, videos, and support.

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Support for providers and employers

Help your learners to bridge the gap between education and employment with digital credentials.

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Support for learners

Celebrate learning achievements and accomplishments online with digital credentials. Find out how you can start sharing your credentials today.

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