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Apprenticeships are training programmes that can be used for new and existing employees from age 16, which are undertaken in the workplace and combined with off-the-job learning.

Apprenticeships in the UK are currently undergoing Government reforms, which include the introduction of Trailblazers (newly developed Apprenticeship Standards that will eventually replace the existing SASE Frameworks).

To raise additional funding, the Government is also introducing a levy for all employers in the UK with a paybill of over £3million from April 2017

Guides for employers and providers

City & Guilds have developed guides about the Apprenticeship reforms for employers and colleges or training providers.

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Apprenticeships that work

City & Guilds works closely with employers to ensure our apprenticeships help businesses build a more qualified and better-trained workforce with the right skills for the job.

A City & Guilds apprenticeship can be fully tailored to meet the needs of any business, ensuring effective learning and guaranteed recognition for learners.

Find out about our current apprenticeships in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Find out about our new and emerging Apprenticeship Standards in England.


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We put quality and learning at the heart of our apprenticeships, which can be used by employers and education providers for all structured workplace learning and development. All our apprenticeships are designed to deliver a sustainable and progressive journey for the apprentice. 








The Apprenticeship Reforms in England and the introduction of a levy, put employers in control of designing apprenticeships and choosing between working with a training provider or training their own apprentices.


Education providers have the crucial skills and expertise that employers need for the successful delivery of apprenticeships.

Find out more about delivering a City & Guilds apprenticeship and how the Apprenticeship Reforms will affect you.


A City & Guilds apprenticeship is a paid job that presents an opportunity for you to gain a qualification or formal recognition, and develop the professional skills you’ll need to further your career. 

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The proven value of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have been proven to be a worthwhile investment for both the Government and employers.

Apprenticeships provide a typical return of £26 – £28 for every £1 of government investment in apprenticeship at levels 2 and 3.*

In the UK, we need millions of new technical and professional skilled workers over the next decade. Good quality training including apprenticeships will play a vital role in raising employment levels and improving productivity.

This is why the Government is committed to increasing the quality and quantity of apprenticeships, setting an objective of three million starts by the end 2020.  

CEBR report: apprenticeships boost productivity

According to a report in 2015 by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) , the average person completing an apprenticeship increases productivity by £214 a week. These gains include increased profits, lower prices and better products.

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Jake McClure

Head of Apprenticeships at the Civil Service

"As a co-chair of a number of trailblazer employer groups and a member of the Industry Skills Board, I work with many employers, professional bodies, awarding organisations and training providers. City & Guilds always provide expert advice and support to ensure the apprenticeship reforms are understood across the industry with the best possible outcomes for apprentices and employers."


Apprenticeship case studies

City & Guilds has worked with the Employer Trailblazer Group for 3 years to develop and successfully implement the first Apprenticeship Standard for Operational Delivery.        

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City & Guilds and Tesco have collaborated to create the Tesco apprenticeship programme, helping thousands of learners build their experience in Tesco.                                                    

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Go Ahead London working with City & Guilds and TFL to put customer service at the very heart of driver training with a new, custom-made programme.                                               

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City & Guilds worked with Toni & Guy to map its in-house training programme against National Vocational Qualifications. The result is a powerful apprenticeship programme.

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