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Assured            Training recognition

Recognising excellence

Showcase the quality of your in-house training programmes with recognition from global leaders in learning excellence and quality, City & Guilds and ILM.

The Assured recognition service ensures your programmes are benchmarked against our quality standard – giving you the confidence and reassurance that your in-house training is the best it can be.

Whether you are a training provider looking to stand out from the crowd and win new business, or an employer looking to build talent from within, Assured can provide the competitive edge you need.

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What does the Assured service include?

Our Assured service provides external recognition for your in-house, bespoke training programmes. It includes:

Upfront approval stage:

  • Pre-service programme assessment by our expert Assured consultant to review against our Assured benchmark, with detailed feedback and advice on improvement areas and how to build this into existing quality systems
  • Approval visit for your training programme against our Assured benchmark standards
  • Benchmark report of the approval, where it meets or exceeds the standard and any areas for development and action
  • Annual brand licence – rights to use the Assured brand on your website, as well as your training and marketing materials to promote your Assured programme
  • Dedicated Account Manager support
  • Co-branded design of your certificate and/or digital credentials
  • Digital credentials management and issuing
  • Annual digital credentials reports

Annual renewal stage:

  • Renewal visits from our expert Assured consultant to review programme delivery, systems and procedures in line with benchmark criteria
  • Meeting with delivery team to check quality processes and systems – and evaluate and review continuous improvement
  • Review any additional programmes
  • On-going support, advice and guidance
  • Digital credential report
  • Renewal benchmark report

Our Assured quality standard

The Assured benchmark is the training quality standards that we have developed with industry experts and is made up of core and optional components.

One of our expert Assured consultants will review your programme against our five core components (and optional where applicable). We also recognise both face-to-face and digital learning, assessed or non-assessed training – and training in local languages.

If the content is leadership and management focused, it will be reviewed holistically against ILM criteria.

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If your programmes meet the benchmark standard, your programme will be assured.

How does Assured benefit employers?

Attract, recruit, and retain talent
Demonstrate to your current and future employees that you are committed to investing in the highest quality training, showcasing your investment in people.

Build talent from within
Design a training programme that addresses your skills gap challenges, with the support of a global leader in learning and training, to ensure you are getting maximum value for your business and staff.

Future proof your business
Competitive market environments require new skills for an organisation to adapt and thrive. Assured in-house training allows you to do this at scale to meet these challenges.

Build engaged and motivated teams with digital credentials
Each individual that has completed the training programme will have a sense of achievement through the digital credential that they earn.

Serve your clients and customers to the highest standards, consistently
With teams trained to best practice standards, you can be confident that your customers will be feel the benefit of the skills you have embedded across your business.

Review of programmes in local languages
We can approve training programmes that are developed and delivered in local language, to ensure they are effective and meet our rigorous assured quality assurance standards.

How does Assured benefit training providers?

Showcase the quality of your training programmes
Employers and learners look for trusted training that can add value to their careers and their businesses. Assured provides this credibility through the expertise and authority of the City & Guilds and ILM brands.

Grow your business and diversify
Our Assured validation gives you the differentiation you need to stand out from the crowd. By showcasing your commitment to training quality, you can use the City & Guilds and ILM brands to attract new clients.

Attract and retain participants
Assured status sends a powerful message to people looking for training about your organization’s commitment to excellence and the quality of your training. Recognise your participants success through a joint-branded credential and/or certificate that showcases their achievements.

Support your customers L&D needs – for non-regulated AEB programmes
You can use Assured for your non-regulated AEB programmes as they provide a great way to demonstrate your commitment to quality, rigour and recognise learner achievements. You can also record outcomes and map clear next steps for your learners with digital credentials.

Review of programmes in local languages
We can approve training programmes that are delivered and developed in local language, to ensure they are effective and meet our rigorous assured quality assurance standards.

Case studies – from staff retention to business growth

Read our selection of case studies and profiles from organisations where Assured programmes have made a difference.

From employers to training providers, Assured has helped provide added value to their training programmes resulting in great outcomes for their organisations and learners.

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Assured customers

We work with a range of organisations to benchmark their in-house training programmes, both in the UK and internationally.

Here is a selection of our customers, whose training programmes have achieved assured status.

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To be eligible you will initially need to meet the following criteria;

  • be operational for a minimum 12 months and registered at Companies House in the UK (or equivalent in country)
  • your programme is not a regulated or un-regulated qualification that sits on a UK, national or local qualification framework
  • your organisation owns or has the permission to deliver the programme and use Intellectual Property (IP) of the training content

Assured is suitable for employers, training providers and recognised professional bodies/trade associations or local governments/authorities. For professional bodies/trade associations there needs to be a clear route outlined and identified as the recognised professional body/regulator for the industry.