EPA Pro – a better EPA experience

As a key part of the evolution of our end-point assessment service delivery we’re introducing a NEW EPA platform called EPA Pro.

Based on your feedback on the need for a simplified EPA journey and fewer platforms, we are launching EPA Pro as your one-stop shop for everything EPA.

We will be rolling this out to all customers over the next 12 months, but in the meantime here is a preview of the platform, highlighting the benefits to you.

EPA Pro latest news

After a really successful Beta testing phase we’re now in the early waves of customer migration. Our first wave has now been completed and we’re now in touch with centres who are in our second wave. They will migrate across by the end of September. We’ll continue then with subsequent waves over the course of the 2020/21 academic year. This migration will happen on a per customer basis to minimise the need for dual running of systems and processes.

Once we get in touch to tell your centre you are in our next migration group we’ll share more details, a timeline of activity and what, if any data preparation we require to smooth the transition.

How will current and new registrations and booking be handled?

  • We will be migrating all registrations that have been made with us that haven’t yet progressed to the booking stage.
  • Any apprentices where EPA has been booked will continue on the current EPA journey as those events are now in train.
  • All new registrations post-migration will be made directly into EPA Pro and all migrated registrations will progress through the gateway process and through to completion in EPA Pro.

New 8 Stage Journey in EPA Pro

We set out eight key stages in our current EPA journey, and EPA Pro will help us to streamline this.

8 steps epa pro diagram

Download the 8-step guide

Some key changes in the new 8 Stage Journey:

Stage 3 – this will now take place directly in EPA Pro, registrations will not take place in Walled Garden, although we will ensure the data is synched in the background. The registration is easy to perform in EPA Pro, individually or in bulk and apprentices will gain immediate access to support materials upon registration through EPA Pro.

Stage 4 – Gateway will no longer take place in the EPA Portal it will take place in EPA Pro. There is a simplified Gateway process in EPA Pro, with clear standard specific guidance on the evidence we require, easy file upload where we need it, save as you go functionality and providers signing electronically on behalf of themselves and the employer. We can accept and reject gateway evidence through the platform with guidance on resubmissions where required.

Stage 5 – Rather than requesting a booking date, we will be in touch to arrange a Planning meeting with your IEPA and other interested stakeholders to agree dates for all EPA events. This is also a great opportunity for your apprentice to meet the IEPA ahead of their EPA event, helping to build their confidence for the big day!

Stage 6 – Easy upload of assessment evidence directly into EPA Pro rather than the EPA Portal, all file types accepted.

Stage 8 – See component level results as soon as they are available and access on-line statement of achievement immediately to print or email. Upon completion of the Apprenticeship we will email the apprentice with their overall Statement of Achievement, showing all of the components and the overall grade and we’ll also issue them with an EPA Digital Credential. Overall results will automatically sent to ESFA who will issue the final Apprenticeship Certificate.

Top three reasons for EPA Pro

  1. Simplified and streamlined – We've simplified all aspects of EPA delivery from registration to evidence upload and exam booking through to results and certification, reducing the administration and allowing you to reach EPA success sooner..
  2. Clarity and control – The end-to-end journey is made clearer for you and your apprentices. with real-time information sharing, two-way planning meetings and speedy results and action planning, you're more in control of EPA than ever.
  3. Fully supported – EPA Pro centralises your EPA support from City & Guilds and ILM, giving you a single platform where we help manage and improve your EPA experience.

Key features

  • Single sign on – You only need to access one system, saving time and reducing the admin burden of EPA.
  • EPA journey mapping – Maps the entire apprenticeship journey with a calendar of events and apprentice profiles showing progress for greater clarity.
  • Simplified gateway submissions – Evidence requirements are clearly mapped to each standard speeding up gateway acceptance.
  • EPA component scheduling – Assessment components are booked via a virtual, planning meeting that allows everyone to discuss and agree the key dates upfront.
  • Reporting and analytics – Comprehensive data and user dashboards give visibility of cohort progress and enable you to report on key success measures.
  • Virtual IEPA meeting – A virtual planning meeting means apprentices meet the assessor (IEPA) before the event, reducing nerves and improving confidence.
  • Packed with support – Role-specific support resources including, checklists, exemplar materials help increase your assessment success.
  • Instant results and feedback – Results at component level are visible as soon as they are approved and you can download and print your statement of achievement straight away.
  • Defined next steps – With faster results, you can celebrate success sooner of gain meaningful feedback and guidance on the next steps and actions needed to progress.
  • Digital Credentials – We’re also now issuing digital credentials to all apprentices who are successful in their EPA. Learn more on our dedicated page.

EPA Pro migration update

We went live at the end of November 2020 with our Wave 3 migration. We’re now working on waves 4-7 which should all migrate to EPA Pro by the end of February 2021. We should have received communication regarding your migration wave and individual timelines and activities, if you have not received anything please contact us as onboardingepa@cityandguilds.com.

New EPA centres will go straight onto our new platform.

Key stages of the EPA Pro journey – view our step by step guides

From getting started and set up with EPA Pro, to navigating gateway and progressing with assessment, we have produced a series of recorded presentations to support your understanding of each stage.

You can view the recordings and slides here;

Getting started with EPA Pro – Watch the recording | Download the slides

Submitting gateway and the planning meeting – Watch the recording | Download the slides

EPA Assessment evidence and results – Watch the recording | Download the slides