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We partner with organisations to support workforce development through industry-led solutions designed to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for jobs, and job progression.

In a constantly changing and competitive work landscape, creating the right skills strategy can be the driving force for achieving your business goals and purpose.

Your organisation, whether large or small, will be faced with learning and development (L&D) challenges and opportunities that require a range of solutions.

To transform your organisation, we take a holistic approach to training and development. Whether you’re looking to ‘grow your own’ with quality training that’s specific to your organisation, upskill your people with mandatory training at scale, or seeking to recruit and retain talent in your business, explore how we can work with you to support your workforce development goals...

These free and accessible sessions led by our L&D experts are designed to explore your talent development challenges and opportunities, and to support you in creating your skills development strategic roadmap.                     

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Boost your in-house training programmes with our accreditation services, including Assured. By ensuring your programmes meet the City & Guilds standard of quality, you’ll improve engagement, retention and build trust.

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Find out how we can train your staff, deliver at scale across the UK and partner with you to develop regional programmes that support your CSR strategies, across rail, engineering, infrastructure and electrical skills.                      

Explore our technical training

Building and developing a high-performing workforce

Discover our skills solutions to build and support your talent

Funded solutions

Are you struggling to find budget for training, or under-utilising your apprenticeship levy?

We know the funding landscape can be complex to navigate, and organisations can find funded training options difficult to access or make good use of. Learn more about available options and how we can support you below.

Digital learning solutions

Want a new or better elearning solution that’s designed for results now and for the future? We can support you with a range of digital learning solutions to suit your business needs.

Whether it’s custom learning content for your own programmes, platform development, or off-the-shelf elearning to help meet compliance and mandatory training needs, our solutions powered by Kineo, a part of City & Guilds, drive better business outcomes.

Leadership development

With the rapid pace of workplace change and transformation required for businesses to stay relevant, we can work with you to ensure your leaders and managers are best equipped to lead their people and drive your business forward. We offer over 60 years of expertise powered by ILM and The Oxford Group, both part of City & Guilds.

Verify and showcase skills with certificates and credentials

advance technical digital credential City & Guilds qualifications and programmes are trusted by employers around the world, and equip millions of learners every year with the skills they need to get on the job, and progress in the job.

To ensure you can verify achievements and surface skills within your organisation, we issue secure and verifiable certificates and digital credentials to successful learners upon completion.

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Partnering for purpose

Join our charitable purpose by helping us shape skills for the future, champion best practice and widen access to skills for everyone

Specialist knowledge from employer organisations like yours plays a critical role in ensuring skills solutions are fit for the future, which benefits both the learner experience and the impact their development has on your business. There are many ways you can get involved, including:

  • Support with qualification development and validation
  • Become a member of the Employer Industry Board (EIB)
  • Associate roles, such as examiners, moderators, independent end-point assessors, external quality assurers and external assessors

Work with us to ensure the skills individuals are learning are relevant to your industry and the needs of your business.

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Work with us on the development of qualifications

We were granted a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria in 1900 which means we not only act in the public interest, always, but we’re able to grant royal recognition to excellence in training through the Princess Royal Training Awards (PRTAs).

Our growing employer and training provider alumni feel the benefits of the awards in many ways, not least the prestigious recognition, but also the impact this brings to their organisation.

From stronger ROI evidencing to improved engagement in learning across the business, to the valuable sharing of best practice and innovation across the alumni network.

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Our purpose at City & Guilds has never changed, to help people, organisations and economies develop their skills for growth. We actively agitate for change across the skills education landscape, by engaging with and lobbying government and amplifying the voices of the learners, employers and educators we collaborate and partner with.

Future skills coalition

In 2022 we founded the Future Skills Coalition with The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) and The Association of Colleges (AOC), to drive a sustained model for future skills development and workforce investment.

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City & Guilds Foundation

We amplify our purpose, goals and activities even further through the City & Guilds Foundation which focused specifically on high-impact social investment, recognition and advocacy programmes. By removing barriers to training and employment, celebrating where best practice is happening, and advocating for jobs for the future, the Foundation aims to innovate, celebrate and evaluate opportunities that make a real difference in people’s lives, supporting everyone to succeed, no matter who they are or where they come from.

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