City & Guilds in Wales

In Wales we have a proud history, a strong team and a commitment to providing learning providers with products, services and support relevant to the needs of the nation. Our strong presence allows us to provide an unrivalled level of support for learning providers across Wales.

Localised support

Based at our regional office in Cardiff, our local team, including business managers and quality advisors, provide a direct line for customers who want information or support across the full range of City & Guilds products, including those that are designed specifically for providers in Wales.

Dedicated business managers

Our business managers based in north and south Wales, are experts in the local community and act as a critical friend to our customers, keeping centres up to date with policy changes, informing decisions on integrating new qualifications or brokering connections with industry.

Supporting national strategies

We work closely with the Welsh Government to ensure we understand the political and strategic developments shaping the vocational educational landscape in Wales and are committed to tailoring our service provision to better support national strategies for bilingualism through the provision of a Welsh language service, Welsh language certification and Welsh speaking EQAs.

Key programmes

We are working hard to continually develop a comprehensive range of qualifications and learning programmes specifically for providers in Wales, focusing on areas that have seen significant changes since the start of devolution.

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