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What products and services do we offer?

Manipal City & Guilds offers over 60 vocational qualifications in 13 industry sectors in India. We also provide services to our customers and bespoke solutions to employers wishing to upskill their workforce.

Our products

In total, we have 66 vocational qualifications which provide learners with pathways to entry level, supervisory and managerial positions.

Industry sectors covered by our qualifications:

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Automotive
  • Banking, Financial services and Insurance
  • Construction
  • English
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Health and Safety
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Spoken English (ISESOL)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Textiles
  • Workplace skills
  • Prodegrees  (our degree level skills qualifications)

Our services

Educational Institutions: We provide a range of services to help with the efficient delivery of our qualifications:

  • “Train the trainers” programmes
  • Assessment and certification services
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Learning technologies
  • Sales, marketing and business development 

Governments: We work with the Indian federal, state and city governments supporting them in their ambitious plan of educating millions of a skilled workers by 2022. We offer the Indian government:

  • Delivery of qualifications through our training arm, IndiaSkills
  • Consultancy in the sphere of vocational educational
  • Designing and developing qualification frameworks
  • Designing and developing occupational standards

Employers: We work with Indian employers to develop qualifications that meet their specific skills needs. We also accredit employers’ in-house training programmes or provide staff training. Additionally, we connect businesses with our graduates so employers can hire the skilled, work-ready candidates they seek.

Who works with us?

We work with governments, educational providers and employers in India to help bridge the skills gap affecting the country.

Education providers and centres – We accredit educational providers using our strict, international benchmarks, ensuring that they deliver our qualifications by meeting our high standards. We implement ‘train the trainer’ programmes to reduce the shortage of trainers in the country and design curricula to help centres deliver qualifications effectively.

Governments - We work with the federal government, state governments and city governments in India participating in projects to upskill local workforces. We also offer the federal government our consultancy services to facilitate reform in vocational education and establish qualification frameworks.

Employers – Manipal City & Guilds cooperates with businesses in India to create qualifications meeting their skills requirements. We also offer them in-house and external training solutions and connect them with our qualified graduates.

Why should you choose us?

Manipal City & Guilds is a trusted qualifications awarding body and provider offering a range of benefits through its work in India.

Benefits for centres

Our modern and India-specific qualifications attract learners: We offer and deliver the skills that Indian employers are looking for. It means graduates will be able to fill the numerous employment opportunities available in the country.

We offer comprehensive support: We support Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) by offering “train the trainers” programmes to address the issue of trainers shortage.  Additionally, we help centres build their brand and provide course materials and quality assurance processes, so they can focus on delivering our qualifications.

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Assisting governments

We support the Indian Government in its drive to upskill the country: We contribute to the ambitious plan of creating a 500 million-strong skilled workforce for India by training up to 140,000 workers and providing skills to millions more.

We help shape India’s vocational education policy:  We support stakeholders in policy development through our dedicated policy team based in Delhi. Our research and policy papers help decision makers align India’s vocational education sphere to the needs of the country’s rapidly growing economy.

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Benefits for employers

We are in touch with the needs of Indian businesses: MCG qualifications are designed with the needs of Indian employers in mind. At the same time, they adhere to City & Guilds’ globally renowned standards, which means our learners receive a world-class vocational education.

One stop shop: MCG helps Indian employers find work-ready candidates with the right skills – recruit them from authorised vocational training centres.

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Opportunities for learners

Our qualifications lead to jobs: Millions of our certified graduates acquire skills and knowledge enabling them to find a job and earn a living. We provide skills sought by Indian employers. Our established contacts with companies enable them to recruit from our pool of graduates.

We are proud of our history in the region

In 2009, we started working in India by setting up a joint venture with reputed Indian provider Manipal Global Education, operating under the name Manipal City & Guilds.

Since then we have built up a network of 80 centres across 15 states and a vast portfolio of India-specific products and established 5 regional offices.

Our dedicated teams offer local support, business development and marketing assistance to our customers in India.  

Our offices in the region:

Manipal City & Guilds Head Office
Manipal City & Guilds Private Limited
4th floor, above Total Superstore
Sy. No 12/5, Kaikondarahalli, Varthur Hobli
Sarjapur Main Road, Bangalore- 560034
T: +91 80 71819100 / Extension 462
F: +91 80 71819400

RO East
Manipal City & Guilds Pvt Ltd
Plot No. J-5, GP Block, 4th Floor
Systron Building
Sector V, Salt Lake City
Kolkata – 700091
T: +91 33 40670125
F: +91 33 40670150

RO North
Manipal City & Guilds Pvt Ltd
No. 256, Okhla Industrial Estate
Phase-3, Opposite Post Office
New Delhi – 110020
T: +91 11 40555000 / 40555032
F: +91 11 40555000

RO South
Manipal City & Guilds Private Limited
4th floor, above Total Superstore
Sy. No 12/5, Kaikondarahalli, Varthur Hobli
Sarjapur Main Road, Bangalore- 560034
T: +91 80 71819100 / Extension 494
F: +91 80 71819400

RO West
Manipal City & Guilds Pvt Ltd
30H, Simran Centre, 2nd floor
Parsi Panchayat Road
Andheri East
Mumbai - 400 069
T: +91 22 42170900

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Training needs

We are helping India solve the country’s skills dilemma. India has an abundance of working age people, but they lack of skills the rapidly growing economy is depending on.

Skill shortages are particularly acute in construction, - where only 1 in 10 workers are qualified - and also in the retail, banking and automotive sectors.

India will need 150 million skilled employees by 2022, although the government has set a more ambitious goal of creating 500 million skilled workers by that date.

We have responded to this demand by creating 24 qualifications for the 4 key industry sectors. In total, we offer over 60 India-specific qualifications that provide learners with a way to earn a living.

We also help businesses find candidates with the right skill set, by letting employers recruit work-ready graduates from our centres.

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Our activities

In India, we are providing a number of innovative solutions to reduce the skills shortage affecting businesses and provide young learners with qualifications that help them to earn a living.

One example is how we designed and delivered a specific qualification for an employer: we worked with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to upgrade the security skill of their staff to international standards.

Another example took place in 2014 when we signed an agreement to train 63,000 skilled workers in the hospitality, retail and construction industries. Our deal with India’s public-private partnership skills authority, the National Skills Development Corporation (NDSC), includes an option to train an additional 77,000 students across a range of other sectors.

We have also delivered in-house certification for a leading lifestyle retail chain that wanted to enhance the skills of its customer facing staff. We provided training in multiple city locations having mapped existing skills gaps within the company to our qualifications.

Elsewhere in the country we are transforming the lives of millions of young Indians who gain qualifications in our ambitious upskilling programme launched in cooperation with the Indian National Skills Development Corporation. We place our graduates into work experience schemes that later can lead to permanent employment.


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