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Introducing Adult Skills with City & Guilds

adult skills infographicWith over 800 qualifications (Awards, Certificates and Diplomas) - from Entry Level to Level 3 being funded by the Adult Education Budget (AEB), our Adult Skills courses provide a great stepping-stone for gaining future relevant skills. We’ve worked with employers and local authorities to ensure our programmes are flexible and fit for purpose, giving your learners the skills they need to succeed in their career and life.

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"There has never been a more important time for us to focus on reskilling and lifelong learning."

– Kirstie Donnelly, CEO, City & Guilds Group

"When looking at skills needs across the UK population, industry and job specific skills are ranked most highly at (40%), followed by leadership and management at (32% ) and advanced digital skills at (30%)."

Source: Digital Transformation and the Adult Education Budget Report, City & Guilds Group and Emsi

See how we can support you with AEB funded qualifications, Restart, Traineeships and Apprenticeships.

Adult Skills webinar series recordings

Adult Skills - Digital Solutions (date: 17 August 2021) – download the slides | watch the recording

Adult Skills - Leadership and Management (date: 27 July 2021) – download the slides | watch the recording

Adult Skills - Health & Care and Childcare (date: 21 July 2021) – download the slides | watch the recording

Adult Skills - Infrastructure (BSE, Construction, Engineering) (date: 08 July 2021) – download the slides | watch the recording

Adult Skills - Employability and maths and English (date: 07 July 2021) – download the slides | watch the recording

Adult Skills - Business and Digital (date: 06 July 2021) – download the slides | watch the recording

Adult Skills - Funding and Policy Update (date: 30 June 2021) – download the slides | watch the recording

Why adult skills and digital skills matter

As we emerge from the pandemic, we are already starting to see a higher take-up of our digital infrastructure industries as well as leadership qualifications. This leads to the need for further development in both basic and specialised digital skills and shows that adult skills are needed now more than ever.

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Are you an AEB provider or UK employer?

Providers: Our funded qualifications can help individual learners to gain new skills to support their career development or fulfil skills gaps.

Employers: Our flexible programmes can support employees to gain new skills, improve their current level of knowledge in an occupation, or get them ready for an apprenticeship.

We offer a wide range of qualifications that are funded by the AEB. These can be found in the City & Guilds AEB Qualification Catalogue.

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Are you a college or training provider based in England or Wales?

Explore the opportunities available for further education and skills.

Restart is a new multi-billion funding scheme from The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to support individuals from age 18 and above who have been displaced or unemployed due to Covid-19.

Learn more about Restart

Are you a college or training provider?

According to our recent report, over 75% of trainees are moving into work or apprenticeships.

Traineeships are an education and training programme created to help learners who are interested in securing an apprenticeship or employment.

Explore our Traineeships offer

Are you a UK employer?

You could maximise the use of your AEB funds to support apprenticeships.

How apprenticeship standards and frameworks are paid for is dependent on whether the employer pays the apprenticeship levy, or not. Large UK employers with a pay bill of £3million or more pay an apprenticeship levy.

Learn more about apprenticeship funding

Digital learning to support your Adult Skills delivery

Enhance your learner’s training experience with our range of interactive learning solutions.

From our e-learning packages and SmartScreen learning materials, to our digital platforms, we’ve developed flexible and relevant digital solutions which support blended learning across a range of funded programmes. These are also relevant for self-guided learning.

For more information on our digital products please visit our digital learning page.