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Middle East

What products and services do we offer?

We offer an extensive portfolio of both products and services to governments, centres and businesses in the region.

Our products

Our products are designed to meet the needs of our customers in the Middle East while maintaining an international standard. This standard enables our qualifications to be honoured in countries around the world.

Vocational Qualifications: Our vocational qualifications cover 13 industries ranging from the automotive to the oil and gas sector. These courses are designed for everyone, from individuals wanting to enter the job market through to experienced employees wishing to acquire new skills.

Leadership Qualifications: The leadership qualifications cover topics ranging from leadership and management to coaching and mentoring. These courses are designed for all levels of management. They are provided by ILM, a member of the City & Guilds Group.

Industry sectors covered by our qualifications:

    • Automotive
    • Business and IT
    • Construction
    • English Language
    • Engineering
    • Healthcare

    Our services

    Our services are designed specifically for the needs of governments and educational providers in the region.

    Educational Institutions: We help embed vocational qualifications into the curriculum, help improve delivery and assessment standards and help improve the quality of teaching. The products we have designed specifically for the providers and centres are:

    Our services for educational institutions and centres include:

    • Improving the quality of teaching and learning through quality assessments and tools
    • Improving the teaching of Science and Math by working directly with Centres
    • Improving learners’ English skills by working directly with Centres
    • Sales and business development 

    Governments: We work with governments who wish to help their nationals gain employment or improve their skill set. We offer them our expertise through consulting services to modernise their national educational systems.

    We have created a comprehensive set of services to help governments improve the quality of vocational education.

    Our services for governments include:

    • Implementing educational reform
    • Setting up Technical Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) systems
    • Designing and developing qualification frameworks
    • Designing and developing occupational standards

    Who works with us?

    Our customers in the Middle East are education providers, centres and governments to whom we offer our accreditation, qualifications and consultancy in order to provide skills needed for growth.

    Why should you choose us?

    • Our qualifications are globally recognised
    • Our qualifications portfolio are matched to local needs
    • Strict quality standards, sought by the Middle Eastern market, are applied to our qualifications – the City & Guilds logo is a seal of guarantee
    • We have 130 years of global and 30 years of local experience in vocational education
    • Offering our products increases the recognition of centres
    • Our Dubai office offers a range of services locally, during local working hours
    • Our Dubai office can approve ILM centres locally, speeding up the accreditation process

    We are proud of our history in the region

    For over 30 years City & Guilds has been offering our qualifications throughout the Middle East through businesses and centres.

    In 2008, City & Guilds opened its first office based in the learning hub of Dubai Knowledge Village. Our dedicated regional staff, supported by our UK office, work Sunday to Thursday during standard working hours in the region.

    • Afghanistan
    • Bahrain
    • Egypt
    • Jordan
    • Kuwait
    • Oman
    • Qatar
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Syria
    • UAE
     Middle East

    Today we have expanded into 13 countries, covering 13 industry sectors through 300 approved education centres. Our Dubai office oversees activities in 3 adjacent countries, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russia.

    Your existing training programmes become more valuable when recognised by global experts in learning excellence and quality.

    Want to speak to us about your programme?

    Our office in the region


    Dubai Knowledge Village
    Office F5, Block 12 
    United Arab Emirates

    T: +971 (0) 4 437 7580
    F: +971 (0) 4 437 7579 
    E: gulf@cityandguilds.com

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    Training needs

    Currently, the Middle East is experiencing a skill shortage and the highest youth unemployment globally as 30% of the population is younger than 30 years of age.

    As a result, investing in Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) is a priority for both the public and the private sector.

    To address these issues, City & Guilds is offering a portfolio of globally recognised qualifications designed specifically to the requirements of local employers.

    We are also helping on a national scale, by providing our expertise in education reform to 6 Middle Eastern governments.

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    Our activities

    In Saudi Arabia, we are helping the government reform education to create a skilled workforce and diversify the oil-dependent economy.

    In Dubai, qualifications are helping to transform culinary training. We are also working with the Dubai Police Academy to implement training programmes that meet rigorous international standards.

    Additionally, the University of Dubai has become the first Middle East university to embed leadership qualifications by our sister organisation, ILM into its business leadership degrees.


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