Empowering Electricians for a Sustainable Future: Driving Change Together on EV World Day

As the world accelerates towards a sustainable future, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a powerful solution to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

07 September 2023

With the global transition to electric mobility gaining momentum, the need for skilled professionals in EV charging installation has never been more vital.

This year’s World EV Day (9 September) will focus on the motto “driving change, together”, making this the perfect time to reflect on the progress of the EV revolution and on the importance of skills development to the future of electric vehicles. At City & Guilds we’re proud to put our almost 150 years of experience in developing industry standards, assessments and training delivery to help the electrical industry gain the skills to build a greener future for transportation.

The Significance of EV Charging Infrastructure: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Tomorrow

ev world day empowering electricians Widespread electric vehicle adoption won’t be possible without the introduction of more robust charging infrastructure. EV demand is skyrocketing and the need for widely available charging points and stations is growing just as quickly. Convenience is one of the primary barriers facing consumers looking to purchase an electric vehicle and until reliable, speedy charging options are available, drivers will stick with their fossil-fuel-powered cars.

Skilled electricians able to safely design, install and maintain the charging network are a key pillar to a reliable UK EV charging infrastructure. For professionals with the right skills this growing demand can provide fantastic career opportunities, business growth and the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable society.

City & Guilds' EV Charging Design and Installation Qualifications: Empowering Electricians for the Future

Following robust engagement with the sector and with the advice from industry experts, City & Guilds has developed an industry-standard consisting of three qualifications:

  • 2921-31 Design and installation of domestic and small commercial electric vehicle charging installations.
  • 2921-32 Design and Quality Assurance of Largescale electric vehicle charging installations.
  • 2921-33 Installation and maintenance of Largescale electric vehicle charging installations.

These programmes were designed to provide the required knowledge and expertise for electricians, electrical engineers and/or installers intending to design, install and maintain EV charging points safely, efficiently and reliably across domestic settings and public and large-scale commercial locations. Providing UK drivers and road users with a trustworthy and first-class EV charging network.

As part of a 2022 roundtable Luke Osborne of the Electrical Contractors Association spoke about the value of having trained, knowledgeable installers “Even though in most circumstances it’s just a straightforward radio circuit, there are specific nuances when it comes to electric vehicle charge points, so it’s really important that electricians and installers understand these particulars.”, a message that has been echoed by many  electricians and industry experts we consulted with when developing the qualifications.

Collaborative Approach: Powering up the Future with Skills

Something as important as the future of our planet and our transportation system calls for strong collaboration between Government, Industry, individuals who make up the workforce and all organisations responsible for delivering the skills needed. At City & Guilds we feel it is important to play a part in leading the way by bringing our expertise and influence in the electrical sector to provide the skills solutions required by employers and electricians alike.

To get this right, we conducted a survey with electricians which confirmed the importance of certified skills for UK electricians working on charge point installations followed by hosting a roundtable discussion with representatives from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, the Electrical Contractors Association, Connected Kerb Ltd and Shell Mobility Network to ensure we understood the demand for skills and how this could be best served by training the workforce to the most up-to-date technical standards and relevant regulations.

Driving Change, Together: The Global Movement on EV World Day

This year’s EV World Day theme of "driving change, together." aligns well with City & Guilds’ purpose. The goal of our qualifications has always been to empower people to fulfil their potential and achieve success in their careers while making a positive impact on society.

Training electricians for the development of a reliable EV charging infrastructure benefits individuals and society as a whole. Creating a greener world helps everyone and doing so while creating new job opportunities for those working in the electrical sector is something we’re immensely proud of.

The Road Ahead

The future is bright for electric vehicles, and we’re excited to be part of it by delivering future proof training standards and continuing our engagement in the green energy conversations. Once World EV Day is over, we will be preparing for the EV World Congress in London on the 10 and 11 October. 

As we approach the event and in our continual commitment, we will champion the message of 'Powering up the future with skills’. The congress will cover a range of key topics for the future through panels, workshops, presentations and networking sessions where we hope to bring in our knowledge of skills to the landscape. Andy Moss, our Chief Customer Officer, will host a panel discussion covering employer challenges, workforce readiness and the importance of skills consistency in the UK transition to Net Zero.

Andy Moss, Chief Customer Officer at City & Guilds, said: “We are talking about a national challenge, a national opportunity, that means we've all got to come together - training providers, further education colleges, private training providers, awarding organisations and employers - all working together to ensure that we're equipping ourselves as a country with the skills that are needed to make this transition turn a cleaner, brighter future.”

EV World Day continues to act as a powerful reminder that change is possible when stakeholders commit to a common vision and to “driving change, together”. As we pave the way for a sustainable future, City & Guilds is proud to stand as a beacon of expertise and catalyst of collaboration lighting the path for electricians to play a pivotal role in the electrification revolution.